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Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Catalog

Welcome to the Division of Continuing and Professional Education’s Online Catalog – your go-to resource for continued learning and professional development. Within this catalog, you’ll find an overview of the division, including policies and procedures and a user-friendly interface that will empower you to explore a diverse range of courses and programs. These programs are tailored to enhance your skills and propel your career forward, with a focus on real-world applicability.

Introduction to Continuing and Professional Education

Definition and Importance of Continuing Education

Public service and outreach is the deliberate effort of University System institutions to deliver and share its resources and expertise to the general population, business and industry, associations, governmental groups, and other entities for the purpose of enhancing the intellectual capital of all those in need of development and lifelong learning.


The Division of Continuing and Professional Education’s mission is to enhance skills, elevate careers, and enrich lives. This is accomplished by providing the highest quality professional development and customized training programs, conference planning services, and personal enrichment opportunities for individuals and organizations. The Division serves people of all ages, from youth to working adults to senior citizens. The Division also partners with a wide range of businesses, industries, and government agencies to promote economic development, ensure a highly skilled workforce, and support innovative and effective organizational leadership.


To be recognized locally and globally as the provider of choice for individuals, the military, and business leaders when seeking high-quality educational and enrichment opportunities.


Certificate of Completion

A certificate awarded to students who successfully complete a CPE program and accumulate a previously determined number of CEUs.

Clock Hours

A period of  60-minutes of instruction time.

Contact Hours

A period of 60-minute span of time, with no less than 50 minutes of actual class Instruction.

Continuing Education

A variety of self-sustaining, economically autonomous educational options available for individuals seeking to enhance their skills or knowledge for their professional careers.

Continuing & Professional Education Course

A single course, lecture, webinar or workshop that offers a guided study of a particular subject.

Continuing & Professional Education Program

A blend of Continuing & Professional Education courses focused on a specific subject, where learning achievements are evaluated, leading to the issuance of a Certificate of Completion.

Continuing & Professional Education Student

An adult learner participating in Continuing & Professional Education programming who is exempt from conventional institute admission processes and applicable for limited student resources.

Continuing & Professional Education Unit (CEU)

A unit of measure for non-credit activities equal to ten contact hours of participation in an organized Continuing & Professional Education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction


A course or program offered without the opportunity to earn academic credit from the institution. Course or program that is non-credit may be eligible for CEU or contact hours.

Continuing and Professional Education Terms and Conditions
Organizational Chart
  1. CPE is under the authority of the Provost who appoints the Associate Provost of GPCE.
  2. The Associate Provost of GPCE works directly with academic deans and faculty members regarding existing and potential CPE programming.
  3. Academic departments/schools will be responsible for subject-specific CPE course and program recommendations, the subject-specific accreditation process, and will work in conjunction with the Center for GPCE to recruit and advise CPE instructors.
  4. The Center for GPCE will be responsible for a centralized registration and payment process, the development and execution of administrative policies and procedures, marketing support, financial reporting, and will work in conjunction with the academic departments/schools to recruit and advise CPE instructors.
  5. New course or program proposals and external course or program proposals will be approved by the Associate Provost for GPCE and the corresponding academic department/school.

Instructors for CPE programs will be course or program proposers, as well as faculty recruited by academic departments/schools.  An instructor must have appropriate accreditation, credentialing and certification to qualify to teach.

  1. Permanent documentation of courses, participation, and financials in addition to records of CEUs, contact hours, academic credit, etc. must be kept and available to be accessed at all times.
  2. The confidentiality of student records will be consistent with PLU’s FERPA Policy.
  3. An institutional transcript, certificate of completion, or cumulative CEU record should be easily accessible to students after the course or program and available from the Registrar.
  4. Financials should be monitored by all parties involved and cross-checked on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.
  5. Financial procedures as determined by PLU’s Business Office will be the process by which CPE deposits and withdrawals monies as applicable to enrollment in CPE courses or programs.
Registration Information

Participants may register either through our website or by contacting our CPE Registration Specialist at 912-478-5551 or email at

Financial Assistance
Military Programs
Continuing & Professional Education Units and Certificates

CPE courses and certificate programs do not appear on the official academic transcripts of Georgia Southern University. These courses do not grant academic credits and are not eligible for transfer into any academic degree programs. Instead, CPE courses provide Continuing & Professional Education Units (CEUs) as a measure of completion. Moreover, numerous courses fulfill recertification and Continuing & Professional Education mandates set forth by professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Project Management Institute (PMI), International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards. For specific details regarding the number of Continuing & Professional Education or recertification hours granted upon course completion, please consult the individual course or certificate program web pages.

To obtain CEUs and meet the educational prerequisites outlined by professional certifying bodies, participants may need to meet attendance requirements and demonstrate proficiency in the course material. It’s important to note that individuals with outstanding financial obligations to CPE will not receive Continuing & Professional Education or recertification hours until their financial responsibilities have been resolved.

To obtain CEUs and meet the educational prerequisites outlined by professional certifying bodies, participants may need to meet attendance requirements and demonstrate proficiency in the course material. It’s important to note that individuals with outstanding financial obligations to CPE will not receive Continuing & Professional Education or recertification hours until their financial responsibilities have been resolved.

Course Categories

Arts and Design

Business and Finance

Communication and Language

Data Science and Analytics


Hospitality and Tourism

Leadership and Management


Logistics and Supply Chain



Process Improvement

Teacher Professional Development

Technology and Cybersecurity

Customized Training
Conference Services

Conference services refers to the comprehensive support and logistical arrangements provided to organize and manage educational conferences, seminars, workshops, and other similar events. These services are designed to ensure the smooth and effective execution of educational gatherings, allowing participants to engage in meaningful learning, networking, and collaboration. 

Services Include:

● Initial Consultation Service
● CPE Marketing Consultation*
● Pre-Conference Coordination
● Budgetary Management
● Financial Data Tracking
● Registration Services
● Presenter Contracts
● Speaker Material Compilation

● Sponsorship Contracts
● Facility and Catering Coordination
● Hotel Contract Negotiations
● Vendor Coordination
● On-Site Event Management Staff
● Attendee Evaluations of the Conference
and/or Sessions
● Post-Conference Coordination
● CPE Staff Travel

Last updated: 2/2/2024