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Conference Strands


Senior Companion Professionals

The Senior Companion Professional Strand covers topics in the current Federal Operations Manual. Specifically, this strand reviews document creation, record keeping, security, reporting, grant application, performance measures, volunteer management, and budgeting.

Healthy Aging: Physical, Psychological and Cognitive

This strand will pertain broadly to issues related to how to maintain skills, abilities, and/or well-being throughout the lifespan. Themes may include how to maintain and/or improve in areas such as physical health, physical functioning, mental health, social connections / activity, reasoning, problem-solving, and/or memory.

End of Life Issues

This strand will pertain broadly to issues related to coping with death / dying and/or the practical considerations of experiencing loss. Topics may include bereavement, mourning, coping with loss, and/or legal / financial issues related to the end of life such as advance directives, power of attorney for healthcare, and/or cessation of services.

Experiences of Care Partners 

This strand will pertain broadly to issues related to receiving care, providing care informally, and/or providing care formally at a facility. Themes may include supporting caregivers, caregiver respite, best practices in providing care, and/or providing care for specific populations.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Forms of Dementia

This strand will consider a variety of issues as they pertain specifically to those with any form of dementia. Topics may include the nature / progression of various types of dementia, treatment / prevention, and/or dementia friendly communities.

Financial and Legal Issues for Adults 

This track will pertain to potential financial issues and/or issues that would require / involve lawyers and/or social services. Topics may include wills, power of attorney for finances / property, financial abuse, scams, how to obtain legal services, navigating social services, custodial grandparenting, and/or primary custody procedures for grandparents.

Active and Engaged Late Life 

This strand will pertain to the many ways older adults are contributing members of their families and/or communities. Topics may include volunteering, babysitting, grandparenting, working, bridge jobs, part-time work, serving on boards / committees, and/or being patrons of the arts / organizations.

Last updated: 9/18/2023