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Panel Chair Guidelines

Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages & Literatures


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Guidelines for Panel Chairs

  1. Please report to your assigned room 15 minutes before the panel begins.
  2. Start the panel on time by standing and welcoming all those in the room.
  3. Announce the name of the panel in your welcome. Close the door if that seems
  4. Introduce each presenter before he/she speaks by simply saying something like,
    “Our first presenter is Mary Jones from Georgia Southern University who
    will be presenting, “The Use of Light Imagery in the Poetry of Edgar Allan
  5. A card with the number 5 on it will be provided. Please hold up the card when the
    presenter has 5 minutes remaining.
  6. Time is very tight and critical for each panel. If a person begins to run over, please
    stand and when he/she pauses thank them for their presentation and introduce the
    next speaker.
  7. Conclude the panel on time to allow the full amount of time for questions.

NOTE: Please, maintain the order of presentations. DO NOT move presenters out of their assigned time slot, not even when a presenter has not shown up and a time slot is available.


Last updated: 6/24/2019