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Poster Session Guidelines

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The Southern Conference on Children (SCOC) welcomes students, teachers and other professionals to consider presenting their work during the Poster Session of this year’s conference!

Poster Sessions offer presenters an opportunity to share research and/or best practices in an informative and visually appealing presentation. Posters contain both text and graphics and are displayed in one large room with other posters. Presenters stand by their posters and give a brief presentation while viewers casually browse their work and ask questions.

The Poster Session is a great opportunity for a more personalized connection with an audience.

Helpful Tips for Poster Session Presenters:

  • All posters will be presented during the lunch hour. All poster presenters must be registered and have posters turned into the registration desk by 9 a.m.
  • Each presenter will be provided an easel on which to place their poster.
  • A trifold board is the recommended medium for the posters.
  • Visual appeal is important. Posters with too many words or words that are densely packed are likely to attract fewer viewers. Aim for fewer words and more pictures. This is particularly true if you are presenting on “best practice.” If you are presenting research or literature reviews, words are expected but add in a few pictures or graphics to represent your words.
  • Be sure to use a font style and size (minimum of 16 pt. font) that is easily read from a distance of approximately five feet. Also, be aware that dark backgrounds reduce readability.
  • Use clear language and proper grammar in your text.
  • Consider providing a one-page handout of your information to distribute to viewers.
  • Prepare a short verbal description of your work. Remember, this is less formal than a workshop or panel presentation but is a presentation.

Common Poster Layouts:

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