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Head: Academic Achievement and Leadership

Closing achievement gaps and promoting learning for all children and youth. Some possible topics include:

  • Effective school leadership for Title I schools and the success stories of Title I educators
  • Reducing achievement gaps, dropout prevention, and leading equity audits
  • Turning around low-performing schools
  • High-performing, high-poverty schools
  • Academic instruction for students at risk of failure
  • Effective use of student data
  • Differentiated and brain-based instruction
  • English language learner instruction
  • Cultural diversity and multicultural education 
  • Use of technology to engage students and expand learning opportunities
  • Post-secondary and/or career readiness
  • Inclusion and special education

Heart: Social and Emotional Skills

Fostering social and emotional skills and the social climate for all children and youth. Some possible topics:

  • School climate 
  • Academic resilience
  • Caring curriculum and achievement motivation
  • Student empowerment and leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Decision making and goal setting
  • Mindfulness

Hands: Safety and Violence Prevention

Preventing violence and ensuring safety for all children and youth. Some possible topics:

  • Bullying prevention and peer mediation
  • Conflict resolution and crisis management
  • Cybersafety and creating safe spaces
  • Anger and behavior management
  • Restorative discipline/practices
  • Gang intervention and juvenile justice programs
  • School safety laws and school security systems or programs
  • School resource officers
  • Law enforcement collaborations

Health: Mental and Physical Health

Promoting the mental and physical health of all children and youth. Some possible topics:

  • Intervention, prevention, or treatment programs
  • Wellness, counseling, or therapy programs
  • Trauma-informed educational and community practices
  • Drug, alcohol, or tobacco education
  • Sex education, teenage pregnancy, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Physical or emotional disorder treatments
  • Eating disorders
  • ADD/ADHD treatment or bipolar disorder treatment.

Home: Family and Community Engagement

Developing and enhancing family and community support for all children and youth. Some possible topics:

  • Parental engagement in school, student achievement, or discipline prevention
  • Effective communication with parents
  • Parenting skills and support
  • Adult-youth partnerships
  • Foster care, mentoring, or internships
  • Community programs, partnerships, or service projects
  • Business collaborations or university partnerships
  • Faith-based initiatives or social service programs

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March 3-6, 2024   |   #NYAR24

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