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National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference

March 3-6 2024 | #NYAR24
Hyatt Regency in Downtown Savannah
2 W Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

For over 32 years, the National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference has continued to provide quality, relevant training for all people interested in the well-being of youth, including but not limited to: Teachers at all levels, Principals and Assistant Principals, School Counselors and Psychologists, Health and Human Service Counselors and Personnel, Criminal Justice Professionals, Business and Community Leaders, Volunteer Service Providers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers.

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Dr. Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson is a former standout college athlete who understands the importance of education and developing individuals and organizations in as many ways as possible. As a Licensed School Counselor, he has worked in a variety of K-12 school settings but has also done extensive work with undergraduate and graduate populations, corporate organizations, and with many entrepreneurs. Serving as an Educator, Mentor, Trainer, Peak Performance Coach, and Entrepreneur Leader across the country, Dr. Johnson continues to transform the lives of individuals and
organizations by shifting mindsets which translates into purposeful thinking, acting, and living.

As the author of the books “Pursue Your Purpose Not Your Dreams” and “The College Kids” which is one of the first bilingual books in the country about college for elementary school aged students, Dr. Johnson is excited to spread his message of versatility, purpose, and self-esteem to the world. His personal story is captivating and his charming ability to engage his audience with humor and authenticity is one of a kind. These opportunities give Johnson the platform to consistently serve and add value to the world.

Dr. Joelle Hood

As a former “Teacher of the Year” and “Principal of the Year”, Dr. Joelle Hood brings passion, energy, and expertise to empowering all humans to thrive. As co-founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at Thriving YOUniversity, she uses her knowledge and expertise in organizational change and leadership, along with her experience as a mindfulness instructor and life coach, to provide researched-based keynotes, coaching, and experiential learning workshops to individuals and organizations throughout the nation. Her areas of passion and expertise include: Social, Emotional & Academic Learning, Leadership, Applied Educational Neuroscience, Mindfulness, The Science of Belonging & Human Connection, Mindset, Restorative Practices, Employee Engagement, Trust and Team-building, Trauma Responsive Practices, and Resilience.

Sam Stecher

Sam Stecher is an educator, author, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He has provided instruction, training, and leadership at every level from elementary school to university institutions. Through, as well as the opportunity to speak at conferences, schools, and businesses, Sam has been able to connect with thousands of people with desire to make a difference from Hilo, Hawaii to Atlanta, Georgia. Today he’s here to engage us in a conversation about changing the world one interaction at a time.

March 5-8, 2023   |   #NYAR23

Last updated: 5/26/2023