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Conference Strands

  • Ethical Issues in Professional Counseling, Research, and Supervision: Focuses on ethical standards and issues related to multicultural competencies in professional counseling, research, and supervision.
  • Social Change, Leadership, and Advocacy: Highlights the need for individual, organizational, community, and public change related to social justice advocacy principles and the role of leadership and design in advocacy efforts.
  • Practice, Strategies, Techniques, and Interventions: Highlights programs, initiatives, and strategies that serve as catalysts for positive social change, and assistance for marginalized groups across a variety of settings.
  • Research and Theory: Highlights a specific research project or discusses a multicultural/sociocultural theoretical framework and its impact on diverse populations and communities.
  • Teaching, Training, and Supervision: Provides strategies for teaching, training, and supervising through a multicultural and social justice and advocacy lens across a variety of settings
  • Identity Formation and Intersectionality: Focuses on the development of cultural identity (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, spirituality, social class, sexual orientation, etc.) and intersectionality.
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Last updated: 8/12/2022