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Alberto Cairo


Alberto Cairo is a journalist and designer, and the Knight Chair in visual journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami (UM). He is also the director of the visualization program at UM’s Center for Computational Science. He has been head of information graphics at media publications in Spain and Brazil. 

The author of several books such as How Charts Lie (2019) and The Truthful Art  (2016), Cairo has consulted with companies and institutions like Google and the Congressional Budget Office, and has provided visualization training to the European Union, Eurostat, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Army National Guard and many others. He lives in Miami, Florida.

“How Charts Lie: What You Design is Not What People See”

Visualizations such as charts, maps and infographics are ubiquitous nowadays. They are useful because they can reveal patterns and trends in data. Good visualizations make us smarter—if we know how to read them. However, visualizations can also deceive us by displaying incomplete or inaccurate data, suggesting misleading patterns, and concealing uncertainty. They are also frequently misunderstood. Many of us are ill-equipped to interpret the visuals that politicians, journalists, advertisers and even our employers present each day. We are in need of expanding the notion of literacy to include numeracy (numerical literacy) and graphicacy (graphical literacy).

#GICOIL20  |    February 20-22, 2020    |   GA Tech Savannah Campus   |   Savannah, GA

Last updated: 1/6/2020