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Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy

Conference Theme: Information Literacy in the Age of AI

The Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy (GICOIL) invites all K-12 and higher education faculty and staff, librarians, media professionals, writing instructors, teachers, and graduate students to join us for the opportunity to share research and best methods for teaching and learning information literacy!

The conference allows participants to engage one another and discover how to apply crucial information literacy skills in their own settings through peer-reviewed presentations, workshops, and poster presentations.

Presenters for the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy are invited to upload their presentation materials to the site to preserve their research. The invitation is open for presentation materials from any year of the conference.

GICOIL 2024 Keynote Speaker Anna Mills

Keynote Session: Speaking Engagements on AI in Higher Education

Anna Mills teaches writing at Canada College and College of Marin and previously taught at City College of San Francisco for 17 years. Her collection “AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry” is featured in the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse and includes a curated collection of articles on AI in higher education, sample AI essays, sample policies, and course materials. As a consultant for OpenAI, she tested GPT-4 before its release.  She has also written an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook, How Arguments Work: A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College, which has been used at over 65 colleges. Anna’s writing on AI has appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. (For more information, please see her CV.)

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Last updated: 4/12/2024