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Adult Programs

The market is always changing and so are we.

Whether you’re currently working a full-time job or seeking a new career opportunity, the need for learning new skills never ends. The Division designs each program with you in mind: the go-getter, the crafty artisan, the eternal learner. Browse each of our offerings below to find your next adventure.

Professional Certificates

Train with top industry experts to develop the needed tools for enhancing the necessary skills to achieve your professional goals. Whether you are looking for a specialized certification or need to improve your soft-skills for better job performance, there is a professional development course for you.

Personal Enrichment

Focus on activities that improve awareness and identity, develop new talents and enhance your quality of life with our personal enrichment courses.

Older couple outside in a park

Lifelong Learners (50+)

Whether your focus is on personal enrichment or professional development, we have activities that help you improve your awareness and identity, develop new talents, and enhance your skillset for the next phase of your journey!

Teacher Professional Development

We’ve curated a series of courses and programs to help you conquer that next great idea, project or lesson plan. Online and on-demand, find the resources you need right when you need them.

Nonprofit Programs

Our range of in-person and on demand Nonprofit options can help you start, manage and grow your organization with ready-to-implement strategies and tools. Discover how we can help you accomplish more. 

Military Personnel and Spouses

Approved for MyCAA or Army Credentialing Assistance, we’ve compiled a list of offerings catering to military personnel and their families. From information systems and CompTIA to healthcare and more, find online and on-demand certifications that move with you.

Test Prep

Get the tools, resources and strategies you need to ace your next exam. From GRE to SAT and certifications too, our Test Prep offerings give you the boost you need for your tackling your next adventure.

Last updated: 3/4/2022