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About Us

What is Continuing and Professional Education?

Building communities and careers with Georgia Southern pride.

What’s our mission?

Serving you to serve your career and your community.

The mission of the Division of Continuing and Professional Education is to support Georgia Southern University’s commitment to advancing the State of Georgia and helping the region accomplish more. We do this by offering a wide variety of outreach programs and services. We also honor the University’s commitment to promoting life success by extending the learning environment beyond the classroom.

Guided by this, we serve as the educational link between Georgia Southern and our community by delivering lifelong learning opportunities. We also provide Statesboro, Savannah and surrounding communities with two technologically advanced meeting, classroom, event and conference facilities.

Meet our team.

Dr. Diane Badakhsh, Director
Email Diane
(912) 478-5966
Jamie Burke, Administrative
Email Jamie
(912) 478-5555
Misty Collier,
Community Programs Manager
Email Misty
(912) 478-5179
Akilah King,
Conference Services Manager
Email Akilah
(912) 344-3268
Daniel Jose, Program Coordinator
Email Daniel
(912) 478-1766
Sandie Lensch, Conference Services Coordinator
Email Sandie
(912) 478-5556
Helen Waters, Events Coordinator
Email Helen
(912) 478-8883
Deborah Champion, Community Programs Specialist
Email Deborah
(912) 478-2584
Kathryn Harrison, Business
Email Kathryn
(912) 478-7977
John Grotheer, Business Specialist
Email John
(912) 478-0643
Dr. Deedee Southerlin, Professional Development & Customized Training
Email Deedee
(912) 478-6005
Shanina Guyton, Program
Email Shanina
(912) 478-2560
Maria Rogers, Administrative
Email Maria
(912) 478-8885
Michelle Dilworth, Marketing
Email Michelle
(912) 344-3268
Christaje’ Roach, Marketing
Email Christaje
(912) 478-2379

We’re where you need us to be.

Find us in both Statesboro and Savannah, Georgia.

Last updated: 4/8/2022