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First Destination Survey

The Office of Career and Professional Development surveys Georgia Southern University graduates regarding their initial career outcomes. This survey, called the First Destination Survey (FDS), captures information regarding how new Georgia Southern graduates fare in their careers within six months of graduation. The annual initiative provides clear, concise, and consistent data on the outcomes associated with a college education. Outcomes include 1) types of employment—full or part-time, contract, freelance, etc.; 2) additional education, e.g., accepted to graduate or professional school; 3) still seeking either employment or further education; 4) and starting salary for those employed full time.

More information about First Destination Survey is available on the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) website here.

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First Destination Survey Data by Graduating Class

The Office of Career and Professional Development is happy to provide customized data requests from our First Destination Survey upon request. Please complete the First Destination Survey Data Request Form to get started.

Special Note: following NACE standard practices for reporting FDS data, the Class of 2023 data will be published by April 1, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is collected in the survey?

The data collected is on a student’s plans after graduation as they relate to employment status, wages, bonuses, work authorization status, location, name of the organization, and how they were made aware of the opportunity. Also collected is data on a student’s participation/nonparticipation in experiential learning opportunities while attending the University. The data collected for experiential learning consists of type (Internship, Coop, etc.) and the name of the organization.

Why is this data important?

The data collected is the same data requested by numerous academic and non-academic accrediting bodies, grant submissions, the USG, national and regional organizations, parents and potential students, and many more entities. Academic programs often use this data as baseline information for developing/assessing/reporting programs of study.

When can I get data and how do I do that?

Data will be made available each calendar year on or before January 31. The infographics that are displayed are searchable by three filters (College, Major, and Degree Level). There is also a link to a more traditional excel based data search engine available under the “Source Data Link.” Finally, there is a request form located on the FDS home page that any on-campus stakeholders can use to request assistance with mining the data.

What levels of data will be available?

Data will be available at the University, College, and Major program of study levels.

How was this survey developed?

This survey was developed at the request of the University System of Georgia (USG) and created by the University System Committee for Career Advisement and Cooperative Education (USCCACE) following the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) guidelines. Additional refinement of the survey, specific to Georgia Southern University, was conducted by the Office of Strategic Research and Analysis (OSRA) and the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD).

Are individual students identifiable in the survey results?

No. While we do track all responses from students using their Eagle ID numbers, we do not list those numbers or any data that could be directly tied to an individual student.

Since Eagle ID numbers are used as individual identifiers, are there other data points that can be requested along with the FDS data on the website?

No. Any additional data points other than the ones reported on the website will need to be collected by the requestor at his/her own discretion using approved Banner access and appropriate administrative approval from Georgia Southern University administrators.

Will the survey change each semester?

The survey will continue to undergo necessary changes as recommended by the annual assessment of the survey each August conducted by the Office of Career and Professional Development. However, the core of the survey and the questions asked will remain the same each semester. Expected changes to the survey would involve administration practices and implementation strategies at present.

How was this survey developed?

The intention of the survey and subsequent reporting is to collect data requested by accrediting entities, state and federal agencies, and other current or potential internal and external stakeholders(s) of Georgia Southern University.

Last updated: 10/30/2023