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Career Courses

The Office of Career and Professional Development offers two different elective courses for academic credit. These courses are open to students in all majors and academic disciplines at the undergraduate level.

Career Exploration – GSU 2131

Course Description

Career Exploration is a three credit-hour course designed to help students discover potential career options! This class will also assist students in identifying the steps needed to gain professional experience and polish the skills required to be successful in their chosen career path.

Students in the course will:
  • Learn about exciting career options
  • Discover how their personal interests, skills, and values can be used to select a desirable job
  • Create a professional résumé and cover letter
  • Discover new techniques for job searching and navigating the job application process
  • Learn how to ace a job interview
  • Network with employers
  • Create a plan of action for meeting their career goals

Professional Development Seminar – GSU 2132

Course Description

Professional Development Seminar is a three credit-hour course designed for students interested in developing highly desired “soft skills.” The seminar uses an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Framework to help students enhance professionalism and identify how emotions impact performance in the workplace.

EQ-i 2.0 logo
Students in the course will:
  • Define the concept of emotional intelligence and each sub-scale of the EQ-i model
  • Learn about and engage in an assessment to identify their own emotional intelligence competencies
  • Identify how emotions impact performance in the workplace
  • Create an action plan for developing their emotional intelligence competencies to enhance professionalism and performance in the workplace


For more information about our courses, contact the Office of Career and Professional Development.

Last updated: 10/22/2015