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Major & Career Exploration

Your values and preferences are important to consider throughout the career decision-making process. In order to make an informed career decision; it is helpful to go through the following process:

Self Assessment

Choosing a major or career involves research and self-exploration. If you are undecided, take a look at your values, interests, skills, personality and preferences. Review and begin a general assessment of who you are and what is important to you.

Questions to consider:

  • What type of activities and tasks do I enjoy?
  • What are my values and how do they match certain work environments?
  • What type of personality and unique characteristics do I have?
  • What are my special talents and skills?
  • In what areas of study have I done well?
Career Assessment
FOCUS 2 Career Assessment is a great tool to use for self-assessment. It explores your interests, values, skills, personality and suggests career/major options. Meet with your Career & Internship Advisor to go over your assessment results for maximum benefit. Call (912) 478-5197 or stop by the Office of Career and Professional Development to get FOCUS 2 access information.
Exploring Your Options
The next step is exploring your options which can be done in many ways.

Questions to consider:

  • What majors are offered here at Georgia Southern?
  • What qualifications (grades, degree, special skills) must I have to pursue a particular position?
  • What kind of traits and characteristics must I have to succeed in a particular field?
  • What kind of work conditions, salary and benefits do various careers provide?
Making a Decision
Seventy percent of students change their major at least once and most people change their career fields six or seven times in their lifetimes. Having difficulty coming to a decision and/or are experiencing concerns surrounding your choice? This may be a good time to take the information you have and sit down with your Career & Internship Advisor.

Questions to consider:

  • How can I be sure this choice is best for me?
  • Am I suited for the types of opportunities that exist in this area?
  • Do my interests, skills and values match the characteristics of this field?
  • How will I be able to explain my choice to my parents since it might not be what they want for me?

Career & Internship Advisors can help you develop a career objective and résumé, refine interviewing style and technique, identify key people who will serve as references, search for a job, and learn how to put your “best foot forward.”

Evaluating Your Choices
The decision-making and self-exploration processes can also be explored by taking classes. In most cases your major will not lead you directly to a career, so it makes sense to study something interesting that you enjoy.

Questions to consider:

  • Have I tested out career choices through part-time work, internships, co-op, or job shadowing, available through the Office of Career and Professional Development?
  • Have I used family, friends, and faculty as networking resources?
  • Have I talked with my Career & Internship Advisor to determine where to locate position vacancies?
  • Have I set goals to develop my skills in resume writing, interviewing, cover letter writing, networking and job search skills, utilizing available resources at the Office of Career and Professional Development?

Last updated: 12/18/2012