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Excellence in Instruction

The Awards for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction are administered through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

The Award for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction is not an award for the best teacher or the most popular teacher, but an effort to honor contributions to the teaching-learning process at the institutional level. The recipient must demonstrate excellence in the classroom and beyond by making contributions to the discipline and to the overall institutional mission.~ Faculty Handbook, § 318

Award for Excellence in Instruction Recipients

Year Award Recipients
2019-2020 Traci L. Ness Diana Sturges
2018-2019 John Dobson Shainaz M. Landge
2017-2018 Wendy L. Chambers Christine Whitlock
2016-2017 Jessica N. Orvis Meca R. Williams-Johnson
2015-2016 Lina Soares Bell Linda Upchurch
2014-2015 Bryan Miller Karen Naufel
2013-2014 Scott Beck Lisa Yocco
2012-2013 Delena Gatch Mark Hanna
2011-2012 Trent Mauer Christine Draper
2010-2011 Christine Ludowise Michael Reksulak
2009-2010 Michelle Cawthorn Goran Lesaja
2008-2009 Godfrey Gibbison Sharon Taylor
2007-2008 Patricia Humphrey Jeffery Orvis
2006-2007 Anthony Barilla Jack White
2005-2006 Pranoti Asher Laura Regassa
2004-2005 Thomas Case Janie Wilson
2003-2004 Todd Deal Danette Wood
2002-2003 Judith McLaughlin Donna Saye
2001-2002 Alison Morrison-Shetlar Neal Saye
2000-2001 Craig Roell Greg Russell
1999-2000 Gale Bishop Jane Rhoades Hudak
1998-1999 Richard Persico Lila Roberts
1997-1998 ElDonna Hilde Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark
1996-1997 Trey Denton Debra Sabia
1995-1996 Margaret Lloyd Cathy Swift
1994-1995 John Daily Sue Moore
1993-1994 Vernon Egger Richard Rogers
1992-1993 Charles Thomas Pamela C. Watkins
1991-1992 David C. Alley Michael McDonald
1990-1991 Fred Richter William R. Smith
1989-1990 Michael T. Moore Sandra C. Rabitsch
1988-1989 Sally Gershman David Stone
1987-1988 Parker Bishop John DeNitto
1986-1987 Charlton Moseley Jane Page
1985-1986 Daniel B. Good John Parcels

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