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Limited Course Withdrawal FAQs

How many course withdrawals will I have?
Each undergraduate student will have a total of five course withdrawals during his/her academic career at Georgia Southern University.

Does this policy mean that I can’t drop/add classes at the beginning of the semester?
Nothing will change about the schedule adjustment period at the beginning of each semester. During the fall and spring, you will have four days to drop and/or add classes as you adjust your schedule. These courses are deleted from your transcript entirely and do not count toward your course withdrawal total.

When does “dropping” a course count as a course withdrawal?
After the schedule adjustment period, a student is able to withdraw from a course through the date established in the academic calendar (this is the 40th class day in the fall and spring semesters). A course withdrawn during this time will count toward your course withdrawal total.

What happens if I have withdrawn from courses prior to Fall 2009?
Withdrawals incurred prior to the implementation date of Fall 2009 will not count toward the total number of allowed withdrawals.

Are there exceptions to the policy?
Yes, there are some automatic exceptions.

• Withdrawals from courses taken during summer semester do not count toward the maximum of five withdrawals.
• Withdrawals are automatically exempted from the maximum when students withdraw from all classes for military or medical reasons that are documented and approved by the Registrar’s Office or the Counseling Center, respectively.

May I petition for an exception based on other circumstances?
Yes, you may petition for an exception in the following manner.

• In cases where you completely withdraw from the University for reasons other than military or medical, you may petition in writing the Dean of Students to be considered for an exception.
• In cases where you have reached the five course withdrawal limit but there may be extenuating circumstances, you may petition to the dean of your academic college. Petitions for individual withdrawals are not heard unless you have reached the maximum number allowed.

When does the policy take effect?
The policy will be implemented beginning fall 2009.

Why is the University implementing the policy?
Research shows that reducing the number of course withdrawals enhances the probability that a student will complete a degree program.

What else do I need to know?
You need to begin each class with the mindset that you are committed to completing it satisfactorily. When students approach their courses with a “wait and see” attitude, they earn fewer credits and lower GPAs in the courses they keep.

Last updated: 5/22/2013

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