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Faculty Information Guide

Questions related to specific GoVIEW issues should be directed to the Online Support Center (866-588-5293). (Please reference that you are attempting to access the GoVIEW learning environment.)

Step 1: Login to GoVIEW to build/setup/manage your courses.

– Username and Passwords for accessing GoVIEW can be found by logging into and accessing the Personal Settings located in the My Services area.
– GoVIEW can be accessed by logging into once you obtain the above credentials.
-Please note that if you change your initial GoVIEW password it will not be synchronized with My.GeorgiaSouthern. In the event you need your password reset, please contact MyHelp at

Step 2: Verify Attendance / Roster

– Once logged into your GoVIEW reference the “My Courses” widget.
– Attendance Verification dates are located on the GoVIEW Calendar.
– Additional instructions can be found by perusing the GOML Verifying Attendance Instructions in the Faculty Console User Guide.

Important Information:

Attendance verification is an important process for financial aid and fees payment information. If you have any questions about this process, please contact

Step 3: Post Final Grades

– Final Grade posting dates are located on the GoVIEW Calendar
-To Post Final Grades:
(1) Click on the course section you wish to post final grades.
(2) Select the “Final Grades”tab.
(3) Select the grade for each individual student in your course. NOTE: You must
enter a grade for every student before you select the”‘Save the Final Grades” tab.

Complete instructions can be found by perusing the Faculty Consoler User Guide.

Trouble Posting Grades?

If you are having trouble posting grades, consult the GOML Faculty Portal docs, or visit GOML 24/7 Online Support.

Step 4: Other Important Information / GoVIEW Information

– Students who are having trouble should be counseled to visit the Student Information Page.  If you are having trouble with any aspect of your course, below is the contact information for specific issues:
– GoVIEW issues –
– Opening new sections, class roster issues, etc. –

Getting General Help:

GOML 24/7 Online Support Center

On-campus Support:

– Contact MyHelp at

Last updated: 5/2/2023