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To inquire about scheduling one of the Wildlife Center’s outreach programs for your upcoming event please contact:

Name: Pam Harley, Business Manager

Phone: (912) 478-0831

Fax: (912) 478-1779


Outreach Wildlife Programs Educate and Entertain!

Our lively and fascinating programs include a selection of birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians and giant bugs! Classroom, assembly and festival booth programs are available, tailored to the age and interests of the audience. We add a unique and memorable component to professional conferences and corporate meetings.

Highly evolved predator/prey relations, raptors as environmental indicators, venomous vs. non-venomous snakes, and tremendous adaptations in the animal kingdom are presented while hawks and owls fly over your heads and snakes make their way into your arms, if not your hearts! There is always considerable audience participation as we offer opportunities to get up close and personal with eagles, pythons, giant owls, falcons, huge cockroaches, lizards, and a team of other engaging wildlife.

Add something WILD to your next event!

We fly in auditoriums, theaters, ballrooms, restaurants, at stadiums and on golf courses. We make great ice breakers for social gatherings, business meetings and fund raising events.


Outreach Programs Available: (scroll down for associated program fees)

Reptile Program: Experience the thrill of seeing, touching, and listening to interesting facts about snakes and other reptiles. Observe the reptile experts as they handle both native and exotic reptiles. Participate in a hands-on reptile encounter! You can also witness various creepy crawlers, such as giant roaches and millipedes. Program lasts approximately one hour.

Raptor Program (with Flight Show): Be wowed by the high-speed action of a raptor flight demonstration. Experienced falconers fly several species of birds of prey, and explain the various adaptations that make this group of birds so intriguing. As birds swoop over your heads, there is much to learn from this delightful program! Program lasts approximately one hour. (There will be an additional fee for an appearance by Freedom during the program)

Wildlife Program (with Flight Show): Enjoy a combination of the above two programs. Take pleasure in the experience of a lifetime as you experience various reptiles, creepy crawlers, and birds of prey! Program lasts approximately one hour. (There will be an additional fee for an appearance by Freedom during the program)

Booth Setup/ Display: Employees from the Center for Wildlife Education bring a menagerie of wildlife animals to display in a booth-type setup. These animals include snakes, creepy crawlers, and various species of birds. Employees are available to answer questions and to assist visitors in handling the snakes and creepy crawlers! No programs are given, but the “booth” is open to the public throughout the specified time. This setup is popular at festivals and fairs.

School Programs: Are you looking for a fun, exciting and educational program to come to your school? Representatives from the Center for Wildlife Education will travel to your school to conduct a one-of-a-kind wildlife presentation. This one hour presentation includes a menagerie of animals including birds of prey, reptiles, fun creepy crawlers and more. This is a great opportunity to bring environmental wildlife education to your classroom. Programs are designed to meet Georgia Performance Standards. This program can be presented to individual classrooms, special groups or in an assembly setting. Note: This program does not include a flight show.

Summer Library / Camp Programs: Employees from the Center for Wildlife Education will bring a menagerie of animals, fun creepy crawlers and bugs to your library or summer camp. A one hour educational and fun wildlife program including reptiles, raptors, creepy crawlers, and bugs will WOW your camp kids!!! Note: This program does not include a flight show.

Special Photo Opportunities: Private educational viewings for artists and photographers. For a donation, it is possible to arrange a special educational photographing of the birds used in our education programs. The sessions can be held on-site or at an off-site location. The program birds are trained to the glove, and some to the perch, and are handled only by qualified staff of the Wildlife Center. Photos shoot sessions are limited to a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours and photographers must stay at least six feet away from the birds. The availability of a particular species cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests. At all times, the welfare of the birds is our primary consideration and if a bird appears to be unduly stressed, it will be withdrawn from view. Contact Scott Courdin, Wildlife Curator, at 912-478-0831 for a list of species available for photos.

Eagle on Display/Eagle Scout Events: If you are interested in having a live American Bald Eagle on display for a couple hours during your outreach program or at your Eagle Scout Ceremony, Glory would love to participate (click here for more information on Glory, to read her fascinating story, and to see her photo,). Glory will be displayed on a perch in a secure space. Her handlers will be available to answer any questions and provide educational information to the audience.


Program Fees:

Reptile Program: $750

Raptor Program (Flight Show): $1,000

Raptor Program (without Flight Show): $750

*An additional $500 for an appearance by Freedom during the program.


Wildlife Program: (with Flight Show): $1,250

Wildlife Program: (without Flight Show): $1000

*An additional $500 for an appearance by Freedom during the program.


Booth Setup/Display: $150 per hour (minimum two hours)


School Programs: $150 for groups up to 200 kids; $300 for groups ranging from 201-300 kids; $500 for groups larger than 300 kids.


Summer Library / Camp Programs: $150 for groups up to 200 kids; $300 for groups ranging from 201-300 kids; $500 for groups larger than 300 kids.


Photo Sessions:

Individual sessions – $100 per hour, minimum one-hour session, maximum two-hour session.

Group sessions – $200 per hour per group of up to 5 people, minimum one-hour session, maximum two-hour session.


Eagle on Display/Eagle Scout Events: $500 for two hours, $100 per additional hour.

*The Eagle for this program will NOT be Freedom


Freedom Appearance at your Event: $500 per hour plus associated travel fees

Travel: A fee of $65 per hour of roundtrip travel is charged for all outreach programs. (The travel fee is used to cover the expenses of automobile, fuel, mileage, staff, food, travel time, etc.)

* Note: non-profit organizations receive a 25% discount.


Outreach Program Presenters:

Director – Steven M. Hein

Whether the topic is his falconry, his art, or his work establishing the Center for Wildlife Education, Steve Hein is a delight for audiences of all ages. Steve is a Master Falconer whose passion in the field drives both his dedication to the environment and his artistic expression. He brings his tremendous sense of fun to any podium, along with a menagerie of reptiles, birds of prey and various other critters.

Steve is a recipient of the Georgia Governor’s “Artist of Excellence” award; won the 1987-88 Georgia Wildlife Management Area Stamp; was chosen in 1986, 1987 and 1990 as the Georgia Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year; and worked on a national level with Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Most recently, Steve painted Drumming Palm Cockatoo for the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) Species Survival Plan and White Oak Conservation Center and the cover art and illustrations for American Kestrels in Modern Falconry, by Matthew Mullenix.

Steve holds state and federal permits for falconry and the rehabilitation of raptors. “As a master falconer, I view falconry not only as an art form, but the most highly evolved form of bird watching.” In 1991, Steve was given the opportunity to combine his talents to develop The Center for Wildlife Education and The Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center on the campus of Georgia Southern University. Here Steve and his staff introduce, educate and entertain young and old alike about the wonders of wildlife. “If we are to create a positive impact for the environment, we must touch the hearts of our youth.”

Steve earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University. He currently lives in Statesboro, Georgia, with his wife and four children.


Wildlife Curator – Scott Courdin

Scott Courdin supervises all the raptors of the Center for Wildlife Education’s exhibits and flighted demonstrations, as well as the reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, and invertebrates of the Center’s collection. Scott is an accomplished wildlife rehabilitator, falconer and environmental educator. Scott serves as a member of the Georgia National Guard with the 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry. In 2005 Scott was deployed for 16 months to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom III & IV and again in 2009 to Afghanistan for 12 months during Operation Enduring Freedom. Scott holds a A.A. in General Science from Georgia Military College, a B.A. in Anthropology from Georgia Southern University and has been employed at the Wildlife Center since 1997.


Education Program Coordinator – Casey Corbett

Casey McCall Corbett is enthusiastic when it comes to educating youth about wildlife and their habitat. Her passion in introducing youngsters to the outdoors led her to write a youth outdoor adventure book entitled Lost in the Great Swamp. With this excitement and experience, coupled with a background in education, she makes an excellent choice for the Wildlife Center’s Education Coordinator. Casey started the position in October 2009. She holds a B.A. in Biological Science from the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture.


Completed Outreach Programs:

Many off-site programs are held each month. Here is a sampling of completed and/or upcoming outreach programs:

•Amelia Island Plantation

•Atlanta Chapter of Quail Unlimited – Atlanta, GA

•Bass Pro Shop – Macon, GA

•BassMasters’ Expo – Ft. Worth, TX; Charlotte, NC; Little Rock, AK

•Epworth by the Sea – St. Simons Island, GA

•Georgia Department of Natural Resources / CoastFest – Brunswick, GA

•Georgia Sea Turtle Center – Jekyll Island, GA

•Buffalo’s Cafe – Statesboro, GA

•University System of Georgia Board of Regents – Atlanta GA

•Garden Club of Georgia

•Department of Defense Worldwide Education Symposium – Atlanta, GA

•Palmetto Bluff Conservancy – Bluffton SC

•Colonial Coast Birding Festival – Jekyll Island, GA

•Georgia Nature Conservancy “Hoochie on the Coochie” – Atlanta, GA

•Gulfstream Aerospace – Savannah, GA

•Girl Scouts of Historic GA – Lizella GA

•Georgia Special Olympics – Atlanta GA

•Wormsloe Plantation – Savannah GA

•Chattachoochee Nature Center – Roswell, GA

•Wakullah Springs Wildlife Festival – FL

•Museum of Arts & Sciences – Macon, GA

•Numerous school systems and library systems throughout Georgia


Wildlife Center • P.O. Box 8058, Statesboro, GA 30460 • (912) 478-0831