and The Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center

Welcome to the Wildlife Center

Weekly Schedule:

The GSU Wildlife Center is open on Saturdays from 1 PM until 5 PM. There will be a Wildlife Program in the Lecture Hall at 2 o’clock and a raptor flight show at 3 o’clock, just outside in the Amphitheater. Please join us for a fun day of education and excitement.

Afternoon Program at 3:30 PM – Join us for a fun and educational experience with wildlife.

MONDAY’S    Hop, Slither, and Jump
     Come experience wildlife up close and learn about the many different ways in which animals  move around.

TUESDAY’S   Animal Adaptations 
     Join our Center Staff to learn about wildlife and animals’ amazing adaptations for survival.

WEDNESDAY’S   Wildlife for Sale
     One of the greatest threats to biodiversity is the lucrative illegal international trade of wildlife products. See federally confiscated products          and learn from Center Staff how better decisions can protect our wildlife for future generations.

THURSDAY’S   Birds of Prey
    What makes a bird a bird of prey? Our staff will not only tell you, but  show  you while walking these powerful predators  close by.

FRIDAY’S   “Dangerous” Animals
    Learn about animal defenses and gain a healthy respect for the wildlife around us during an in-depth discussion on some often misunderstood      animals.



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