Center for Wildlife Education
and The Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center

Welcome to the Wildlife Center

No Impact WeekB

Join us each afternoon at 3:30 p.m. as we celebrate No Impact Week at the Center for Wildlife Education. Each day our theme will follow the daily topic but we’ll use our wildlife ambassadors to show how reducing our impact on the earth not only helps humans but wildlife too.  A healthy environment for them is a healthy environment for us.

Monday – Waste (How does our trash impact wildlife?)

Tuesday – Food (Did you know that the typical American meal travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate? For example: Eggs are 6 weeks old before they make it to the grocery store.  Eat local, wild animals do)

Wednesday – Water (The average American uses 1189 gallons of water each day, but what about wildlife? Where do they get their water and how much do they use?)

Thursday – Transportation (We waste a lot time behind the wheel of a car, an estimated 1000 hours annually.  Wildlife moves around to find food, keep from becoming someone else’s food, or to find a mate.)

Friday – Energy (Switching to greener methods for energy can reduce carbon dioxide emissions but up to 35% which could create a healthier planet for us and for wildlife.  Let’s look at how animals conserve energy.)

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