and The Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center

Welcome to the Wildlife Center

Weekly Schedule:

 Join the Wildlife Center Staff, Monday through Friday, at 3:30 p.m. for a fun and exciting 30 minute wildlife program.  The daily topics are:

MONDAY: Wildlife Around the World
TUESDAY: Nocturnal Animals
WEDNESDAY: Birds of Prey
THURSDAY: Apex Predators
FRIDAY: Classification

For a description of each topic click HERE or call the Wildlife Center at 912-478-0831.

The GSU Wildlife Center is also open on Saturdays from 1 PM until 5 PM. There will be a Wildlife Program in the Lecture Hall at 2 o’clock and a raptor flight show at 3 o’clock, just outside in the Amphitheater. Please join us for a fun day of education and excitement.



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Wildlife Center • P.O. Box 8058, Statesboro, GA 30460 • (912) 478-0831