Office of the Provost
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Campus Life Enrichment Committee (CLEC)

CLEC shall research and recommend campus programs of a cultural nature as well as lectures, both general and academic, on a campus-wide basis and for individual departments, schools, and colleges, consistent with the budget allocated for these activities. The committee shall consider other issues related to the cultural life of the University that may be of concern to the campus and make recommendations to the Provost.

Membership: The membership of CLEC shall consist of the Associate Provost as chair, three faculty members with primary teaching and research/artistic interests in the fine arts or performing arts appointed by the Provost, two faculty members elected at large, the Director of the Performing Arts Center or designee, an SGA member, and four additional students appointed by the SGA from a slate recommended by the Associate Provost in consultation with the faculty members on the committee. Terms are two years beginning on August 1.

Membership (Effective August 2016)

David Murray (CLASS) (term ends July 31, 2017)
Nicholas Newell (CLASS) (term ends July 31, 2017)

The two faculty members elected at-large are:

Kelly Berry (CLASS) (term ends July 31, 2017)
David Dudley (CLASS) (term ends July 31, 2018)

Proposal Process:

Proposals should be submitted via the electronic form during the open call dates. This form can be found at The link is only active during the open call dates.

The following information is important to the proposal process.

  • The clarity of the proposal is important. Clear, concise proposals provide the members of CLEC with the information needed to allocate funds.
  • The maximum amount of funds that can be given to one proposal is $5000. Please remember that CLEC funds cannot be used to purchase food.
  • An allocated budget should be provided in the proposal, including requested funds from CLEC and other sources of funding. This budget will be considered by the committee when reviewing the proposals.
  • Please note that each speaker/performer/program/workshop should have a separate proposal. If an event is seeking funds for more than one program/speaker/etc, then more than one proposal should be submitted.
  • Students are encouraged to submit proposals each semester. However, it may be beneficial for the faculty advisor of the student organization to review the proposal before it is submitted.

Last updated: 9/14/2016

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