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Green Gus with CfS Director Lissa Leege

Welcome to the Center for Sustainability (CfS) at Georgia Southern University.  What is Sustainability? Sustainability is often defined as the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In other words, sustainability requires careful use of our resources, including water, air, energy, biodiversity, soil, etc. so they will be in adequate supply for the foreseeable future. Calculate your ecological footprint! Find out if you’re living a sustainable life!

Sustainability Fee Grant Award Winners Announced
The Center for Sustainability received 31 proposals from 9 academic departments and five additional units, requesting $783,038 in funding to improve campus sustainability in FY2017. The Sustainability Fee Committee selected 18 of these proposals for full or partial funding, for a total of $251,310. Learn more about the winning proposals here.

2016 Green Eagle Award Winners
Congratulations to our 6 new Green Eagle Award winners! UntitledThe recipients of this 2nd annual award for sustainability include
Scott Blair, Graduate Assistant for the Center for Sustainability
Amber Monroe, senior undergraduate Biology Major
Kelly Gagel, Academic Advisor in COSM
James Grigg, Division of Facilities ServicesFaculty:
Dr. Rachel Eike, Fashion Merchandising and Design
Dr. Rami Haddad, Electrical Engineering

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