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MATH 0999

MATH 0999–Support for College Algebra     (1 hour institutional credit)

This course is designed to provide students with mathematics deficiencies “just-in-time” support while they take MATH 1111- College Algebra. This course will supplement the content of MATH 1111 with the intent of filling the gaps in the students’ mathematical knowledge that is necessary to be successful in the course. Students will be placed in MATH 0999 based on their Mathematics Placement Index (MPI) score.




Departmental Syllabus

Text:  Whatever is required for Math 1111 class (must also have MyMathLab Student Access Kit)

Calculator:  TI – 83 or TI-83 Plus is required for Math 1111 and should be used in this class also

Attendance Policy:  Class attendance is required.  Any student with more than 2 absences will receive an F for the course.  If you miss more than 10 minutes of your class period, you will be counted absent.  Students must come at the designated class time.  Remember:  More than 2 absences for any reason will result in an automatic F in this course.

Enrollment in MyMathLab:  Students must be enrolled in MyMathLab by the second lab after registering for the Math 0999 course.  Students will not be allowed to remain in the Math 0999 class without a completed registration with MyMathLab.

Grades are assigned as follows:

S:  Grade for students with no more than 2 absences who complete all MyMathLab assignments with an average of at least 70 and pass College Algebra with a grade of C or better.

U:  Grade for students with no more than 2 absences who fail to pass College Algebra with a grade of C or better.

F:  Grade for students who accumulate 3 or more absences

Last updated: 1/8/2013

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