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GSU 1120

The GSU 1120 class, Methods of Learning, has been established to help you with deficiencies in academic skills, such as time management, study skills, note-taking, reading, writing, and other course-related activities. It is very important that you attend the first day of your GSU 1120 class (you are only allowed to miss 3 classes including the first day).

The Academic Intervention Policy states that all students with fewer than 30 earned hours (including transfer hours) AND whose total institution GPA is 1.99 or below must do the following:

  • Enroll in GSU 1120 (Methods of Learning) and complete the course (unless you have already completed this course with a grade of “S”), AND
  • Reduce their academic load to 15 hours or fewer, INCLUDING GSU 1120.

While you are on Academic Intervention, you are also on academic warning. You must earn a grade point average of 2.0 or higher each term in order to avoid a more serious academic status.  You must bring your total institution GPA up to 2.0 within two successive semesters of enrollment if you wish to remain in school (you may review these Academic Standing Explanations on the Registrar’s web site at

Last updated: 1/8/2013

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