Academic Success Center

Division of Academic Affairs


The Academic Success Center (ASC) is committed to providing a student-centered facility dedicated to promoting academic success among all students.  The ASC promotes student retention by offering academic support services to students, seeking to establish a firm foundation for their academic careers and life goals.  Towards this purpose the ASC provides tutoring services, mentoring, testing services, individual academic consultations, as well as instruction for students on academic intervention and instruction for non-traditional students in learning support classes.  The ASC is a part of the division of Academic Affairs.

Additional areas of service to students include:

The Tutoring Center is the primary peer-tutoring location for Core classes and is dedicated to the maintenance of a strong peer-tutoring network and to close working relationships with faculty.

The University Testing Office is responsible for administering all standardized tests offered by Georgia Southern University. The Testing Office’s role is to provide, in a caring and concerned manner, a professional, centralized, and efficient office to meet varied testing and evaluation needs of the different University communities. This service and attitude are extended beyond the University to the varied constituencies of our service area.

The Academic Success Center is proud to offer a new initiative to support students’ academic and social support – the Peer Mentor Program.  Any first-year or second-year student can request a Peer Mentor.  Peer Mentors are upper class students of various majors who are academically successful and have an invested interest in helping students get the most out of their experience at the University.

Academic Success Center • Henderson Library, Suite 1303 •  PO Box 8132 • (912) 478-5371 •