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SoTL Academy


The SoTL Academy is a one-year long program for faculty new to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Faculty participants in this community will work on individual SoTL pilot studies and/or research projects in a supportive community of peers. The research focus and details of the work will be determined by the participants themselves. The SoTL Academy will  provide collegiality, guidance, and resources. Academy participants will:

  • Design (or refine) a SoTL research project or pilot study.
  • Collect and analyze data for this project
  • Report initial findings to the group

Program Requirements

Participants selected for this program are expected to

  • Participate in all Academy sessions organized by a CT2 or peer facilitators throughout the Academic year. These sessions are designed to build community among participants, therefore participation is mandatory.
  • Design SoTL pilot study or research project. This includes developing a research question, situating the project within available SoTL literature, designing appropriate research methodology, and completing the IRB approval process.
  • Collect and analyze data for the project
  • Present informally on project progress and results within the group, and provide feedback on other participants’ projects.
  • Attend the annual SoTL Commons conference in Savannah, GA
    • SoTL Commons is held Wednesday to Friday in the last week of March.
    • Faculty participants are required to register for the conference. However, we encourage you to volunteer as session chairs to attend the conference for free (non-presenter) or at a reduced rate (conference presenters).
  • Submit a report summarizing the SoTL project (research question, methodology, and preliminary research results) to CT2

Program Implementation

  • Meetings will begin in August 2016 and conclude at the end of Spring 2017. During the Fall semester we will meet 6 times. In the Spring semester we will get together for monthly meetings.
  • Each participant will receive up to $500 to be used towards teaching enhancement activities and SoTL research support, such as attending teaching conferences or institutes, purchasing supplies to support the SoTL research project, and/or purchasing books on teaching and/or SoTL.


Click HERE to apply.

Applications will be accepted through Monday, August 22, 2016

Applications through Google Forms will require you to provide the following information on your proposed project*:

  • Introduction of the SoTL idea and preliminary research question including a short discussion of why this question matters;
  • Tentative overview of research methodology and study timeline;
  • Tentative discussion of how study results are expected to impact student learning

This brief overview should not exceed 200 words.

* As you learn more about SoTL through your participation in the SoTL Academy you may want to revise your project idea and research methodology, this is to be expected. The project proposal should however communicate a tentative direction for your research and your commitment to improving teaching and learning through an ongoing engagement with SoTL and the SoTL Academy.

Selection Process and Criteria

  • All faculty members, who have not previously received a CT2 SoTL Award or SoTL Fellowship are eligible to apply for the program, as well as staff who are charged with teaching undergraduate or graduate courses. Up to six participants will be selected from all applicants.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Consideration will be given to the quality of the proposed project and its potential impact on teaching and learning at Georgia Southern University, the diversity of the cohort (gender, ethnicity, disciplinary distribution) and commitment to being an active member of the SoTL Academy.

Additional Information

For more information, about the SoTL Academy please contact:

Claudia Cornejo Happel, PhD
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
2-478-0049 (please type “SoTL Academy” in the subject line)


2016-17 Tentative Schedule

(subject to change based on the participants and facilitators schedules)

Week of September 5 What is SoTL?
Week of September 19 Creating a research question and literature review
Week of October 3 Discuss research question and literature review
Week of October 17 Methodology – Quantitative vs. Qualitative Approaches
Week of October 31 Preparing your IRB and data collection
Week of November 14 Discuss IRB draft
January Making sense of data
February Project updates from participants
March Project updates from participants
March 29-31, 2016 Attend SoTL Commons
April Debrief SoTL Commons, Project updates, Next Steps


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