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SoTL Fellows

The competitive Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Fellows Program is designed to foster faculty engagement and leadership in SoTL at Georgia Southern University. The fellowship supports up to three faculty each year in their advancement and completion of quality, innovative SoTL research projects that aim to improve the understanding of teaching and learning.
The fellowship is sponsored by the Centers for Teaching & Technology (CT2).

Benefits and Expectations

  • The fellowship is funded with a $1,000 stipend through the Centers for Teaching & Technology (CT2).
  • Awardees work with a member of the SoTL Leadership Team, who serves as mentor and provides feedback based on their own significant experience in SoTL research.
  • Awardees submit a proposal to present their research at the annual SoTL Commons Conference in Savannah (needs to be submitted by the submission deadline in Fall). They will receive free registration for this event; travel expenses are not included. 
  • Awardees submit a report on their research project, including a report or advanced article draft of the SoTL project research findings, plans for publication of research findings, and a brief reflection on the fellowship experience no later than April 15 of the academic year in which they serve as fellows.
  • Awardees present their research to the Georgia Southern Campus community.
  • Also see SoTL Fellows Program Description below for more details.


Full-time faculty members (tenured, tenure-track, lecturers, and temporary faculty) may apply for the fellowship. For collaborative SoTL projects only one application may be submitted (usually for the primary investigator of a project). Previous fellowship recipients are not eligible to apply for four years after receiving the award. Recipients must be employed by Georgia Southern University for the duration of their fellowship to receive the benefits associated with the program. 


2017-18 SoTL Fellowship Application Deadline:  EXTENDED to Monday, February 6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. 

Application Format

The successful applicant must propose a quality SoTL project – a project grounded in existing SoTL literature and appropriate research methodology, which aims to examine the impact and outcomes of instructional practice. Projects should be designed to result in concrete insights to be implemented in classes regularly taught at Georgia Southern University and should enrich students’ learning.
Projects may address but are not limited to the study of the implementation and impact of one or more of the following:

  • Innovative instructional strategies;
  • Creative approaches for assessing learning;
  • New teaching and learning technologies
  • Different formats of instruction (face-to-face, hybrid, online)
The application portfolio must include the following:
Project proposal narrative

SoTL Fellows will be selected in a blind review process. Please, eliminate all identifying information – to the extent possible – from the proposal narrative. Combine all documents in a single PDF file; 6-8 pages; 1” margins, minimum 12-point font.

  • Introduction of the research question;
  • Overview of proposed research methodology;
  • Initial literature review with emphasis on how the proposed project builds on/ responds to previous scholarship.
  • Description of how the results are expected to improve student learning and how this project will impact the teaching of one or more courses at Georgia Southern
  • Timeline for the development and completion of the SoTL project.
Supporting documents

Submit as separate files

  • Condensed curriculum vitae that highlights relevant SoTL presentations, articles and/or publications. (2-3 pages)
  • Brief letter of support from the department chair. For faculty with a temporary appointment, this letter must address expectations for renewal of appointment with Georgia Southern University. (1 page)

Applicants must submit their application online. Proposal narratives that exceed 8 pages, identify the applicant or collaborators by name or department, or do not meet formatting requirements will not be accepted.

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The award committee is composed of faculty members of the SoTL Leadership Team and CT2 staff. The committee will look for persuasive evidence that the applicant:

  • Proposes an innovative and relevant SoTL research question anchored in the research literature
  • Proposes a well designed, methodologically sound course of study
  • Clearly explains the expected impact of the SoTL project (in particular its concrete impact at Georgia Southern, but wider applications should also be noted)
  • Is likely able to complete the project within the proposed timeline.

Once committee members have reviewed all portfolios, the fellows will be determined based on the committee’s feedback.

The director of the Centers for Teaching and Technology (CT2), or a delegated member of the CT2 Center for Teaching and Learning staff, will work with the committee’s chair to facilitate the entire review and selection process.

SoTL Fellows Program Description


  • The SoTL Fellowship is a one academic-year commitment. The Fellows will serve as leaders for SoTL at Georgia Southern for the academic year.
  • While multiple investigators may participate in one project, the stipend is awarded only once per project (not per investigator), and will be awarded to only one researcher.
  • Fellows will be paired with a mentor. It is the fellows’ responsibility to organize two mentoring meetings per semester with their mentor, a member of the SoTL leadership team or former SoTL fellow; ideally at least one of these meetings each semester will be in person. Mentor meetings are designed to support faculty as they conduct their SoTL work.
  • SoTL Fellows will present their research results at the SoTL Commons Conference hosted by Georgia Southern University each Spring. For more information on the conference, visit the SoTL Commons Conference website.
  • Fellowship recipients are asked to develop and present a workshop on implementing insights from their SoTL research to Georgia Southern faculty and graduate student instructors in the following Academic Year; CT2 staff will provide support in developing the workshop.
  • Fellowship recipients may be invited to join the SoTL leadership team following their tenure as fellows and to serve, as needed, as SoTL Mentors for colleagues during the next academic year.

Fellowship Timeline

  • Fellows will be announced in the Spring semester (February) of each year and paired with a mentor at this time.
  • With the support of their mentors, fellows should plan to complete all project planning (i.e. develop project and obtain IRB approval, etc.) prior to the beginning of the Fall semester to allow for data collection in the Fall.
  • The fellowship tenure begins in the Fall semester, following selection. 50% of the stipend total is disbursed in the form of research funds to the department in September.
  • Submit presentation proposal to SoTL Commons Conference.
  • SoTL Fellows will present their research results at the SoTL Commons Conference hosted by Georgia Southern University each Spring.
  • Following the submission of the final report (last day to submit: April 15), the remaining 50% of the stipend will be disbursed in May, fellows can choose to receive these funds in the form of research funds or overload pay.
  • The faculty member relinquishes the final 50% of the stipend if the final report is not completed or if the faculty member does not fulfill his or her Fellowship responsibilities as outlined in this document.


All deliverables must be received no later than April 15 of the fellowship year in order to authorize processing of final payment.

  • Report on the research project, including a report or advanced article draft of the SoTL project research findings, plans for publication of research findings, and a brief reflection on the fellowship experience.
  • Presentation of research results at the SoTL Commons conference

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