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SoTL Leadership Team


The SoTL Leadership Team’s primary purpose is to actively collaborate with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in guiding, supporting, and promoting SoTL on all Georgia Southern University’s campuses.

Member Responsibilities

  • Serve in advisory capacity to the CTE to guide and support existing aspects of SoTL initiatives, implement new aspects, and provide feedback about SoTL activities as needed.
  • Review and evaluate proposals submitted for the SoTL Fellowship, the SoTL Award, as well as any other SoTL related submission to CTE in need of review.
  • Serve as mentor to Georgia Southern SoTL fellows and SoTL FLC participants as needed
  • Actively promote SoTL on campus by
    • facilitating or co-facilitating SoTL focused workshops for campus, college,  and departments as needed
    • distributing information on SoTL opportunities to colleagues in your college
    • serving as a SoTL resource to colleagues
Image of Delena Gatch Delena Bell Gatch (Physics, COSM): Since joining the faculty at Georgia Southern University in 2001, Dr. Gatch has developed a strong interest in Physics education research.  Some of her recent ventures include evaluating the implementation of studio physics courses and developing inquiry based laboratories for physics instruction. Since 2014, Dr. Gatch serves as the Editor in Chief of the International Journal on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
Cleveland Richard E. Cleveland (Leadership, Technology, and Human Development, COE): Dr. Cleveland’s pursuits in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning reflect his interest in student reflection and assessment. Dr. Cleveland has also conducted research on spirituality and mindfulness within counseling.
Ms. Haas Portrait Leslie M. Haas (University Libraries): Ms. Haas is the Head of Research Services at the Zach S. Henderson Library on the Statesboro Campus. She has been an academic librarian for over 25 years.  Prior to coming to Georgia Southern, she worked for five years in the United Arab Emirates as the director of the Zayed University Library and Learning Commons. Her research interests are varied and include subjects such as: learning commons, the impact technology has on research and information literacy. She is currently working on her doctorate through the University of Liverpool.
Dr. Kim Portrait Jackie HeeYoung Kim (Elementary and Special Education, COE): Dr. Kim is an associate professor at Georgia Southern University in Savannah, GA, where she has taught face-to-face and online classes, particularly childhood education courses, for the past 10 years. Before joining Armstrong State University in 2007, she taught technology integration courses for preservice teachers at State University of New York Cortland for two years. She has authored many articles related to the professional development of teachers and online distance education and has presented papers at many national and international professional meetings. Currently, Dr. Kim has been contributing to publications related to the transformation of K-12 classrooms with digital technology, professional development for technology integration into differentiated math instruction, and the like. 
shainaz Shainaz Landge (Department of Chemistry, COSM): Dr. Landge’s interest in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) flourished due to its interdisciplinary and diverse nature. Her current research projects include implementing an elaborate visual analogy, assessing the analogy vs non-analogy groups and creating various interactive and effective pedagogical techniques to deliver the information.
Jody Langdon Jody Langdon (Department of Health and Kinesiology, WCHP): Dr. Langdon’s research in SoTL involves the investigation of the utility and effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Model in college classrooms. She also has conducted research on autonomy supportive teaching among graduate teaching assistants, sport coaches, and physical education teachers.
Image of Trent Maurer Trent Maurer (Hospitality, Tourism and Family & Consumer Sciences, CBSS): Dr. Maurer’s focus on SoTL is both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. My recent disciplinary projects have included evaluating reading compliance, traditional vs. peer led instruction, and POGIL in Family Science. My recent interdisciplinary projects have explored group work, classroom management, and faculty training programs. I also chair a Faculty Learning Community on SoTL.
Jessica Orvis Jessica Orvis (Department of Chemistry, COSM): Jessica Orvis is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Coordinator of Principles of Chemistry courses. Her interests in chemistry education research include the role of autonomy in student motivation, assessment of student intervention efforts such as supplemental instruction, and the development of technology in teaching and learning..
Song Xiaomei Song (Institutional Effectiveness/Department of Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading): Dr. Song has been interested in interactions among teaching, learning, and assessment since she started her teaching career in 1990s. Her research interests include validity and fairness of assessment tools, learner characteristics (e.g., strategy use, motivation, bilingualism) on learning outcomes, program assessment, and washback and impact of testing and assessment on teaching and learning. She has also been exploring concrete ways in which quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry can be used in concert to inform a deep understanding of teaching and learning. 
Diane Sturges Diana Sturges (School of Health and Kinesiology, WCHP). Dr. Sturges has participated in numerous SoTL projects that aimed at better understanding her students and improving student learning. Many projects were collaborative in nature and examined faculty/student differences in perceptions of disruptive classroom behaviors and faculty/student differences in perceptions of post-exam classroom attendance. She also initiated multiple projects in her own classroom and investigated students’ perceptions of class difficulty in Anatomy & Physiology and the effectiveness of a classroom role-play activity in teaching protein synthesis in large Anatomy & Physiology lecture courses. Dr. Sturges has produced numerous peer-reviewed pieces of scholarship in SoTL. Dr. Sturges has assumed multiple leadership roles in SoTL, both on the GS campus and in the SoTL community. She has served as chair of the SoTL Leadership Team and the SoTL Commons Annual Conference since 2013. The Board of Regents recognized Dr. Sturges’ contributions to the field of SoTL with the prestigious Regents’ Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award (2014).

Past members of the SoTL Leadership Team

  • Deborah Allen, Nursing (-2016)
  • Olga Amarie, Foreign Languages (2014-18)
  • Nancy McBride Arrington, Teaching and Learning (2014-18)
  • Yasar Bodur, Teaching and Learning (-2018)
  • Lorraine Gilpin, Teaching and Learning (-2014)
  • Chad Posick, Criminal Justice and Criminology (2014-18)
  • Laura Regassa, Biology (-2016)

Last updated: 8/15/2018

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