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Exchange Programs

Spend a Full Semester or Year Abroad!

Students looking for a more intensive or long-term experience abroad should consider participating on an exchange program to one of Georgia Southern’s institutional partners.  A full semester or year abroad program allows students to enroll in coursework and attend university in another country for at least one academic term, living and learning with local and other international students.  A full semester or year abroad is a great way to continue improving language skills, learning about the culture and customs of a country, and provides student with the chance to live abroad independently with the help and support of great university staff.

All applications for Fall 2017 semester and academic year abroad are due February 1, 2017!


Follow the links to navigate to the right resources for your stage in the exchange program process:

  • Prospective exchange applicants – find the right program
  • Accepted exchange participants – prepare to go abroad (Pardon our progress – brand new site coming soon!)
  • Current exchange students – keep up with your requirements (Pardon our progress – brand new site coming soon!)



Last updated: 2/20/2017