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Current Students

Request Forms

Reduced Course load Request (editable pdf)

SEVIS Data Form for Change of Level (pdf)

Graduation Invitation Letter Request


Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Curricular Practical Training overview for qualifying and applying (pdf)
Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Click here to sign up to attend a Fall OPT Workshop in the Forest Driving Building:

Wednesday, September 27 at 12:30pm (room 1219)

Friday, September 29 at 2:30pm (room 1218)

Monday, October 4 at 12:30pm (room 1219)

  • To request an OPT Appointment & I-20: click here
  • To report employer information or a change in employer: click here
  • To provide and/or update your local address: click here
  • To report the end of your OPT employment: click here

Social Security Number

  • How to Apply for a Social Security Number
    • 1) Your hiring department must provide a Social Security employment letter (on departmental letterhead). They may use the Employer Sample Letter as a reference. Request the letter be sent to Ms. Janice Hendrix at P.O. Box 8106.
    • 2) After your SSN eligibility letter is prepared, you will be notified by email to pick up your employment letter and a letter from our office, but only after we confirm your SEVIS record has been activated.
    • 3) Take both letters, your passport, and your I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record printed from to the Statesboro Social Security Office located at 1050 Brannen St., Statesboro, GA 30458.
  •  To avoid unnecessary delays, log into your WINGS account and confirm that you have a valid Statesboro area address listed under the “local address” label and that you have a valid local or SEVIS foreign phone number listed
  • The Social Security Office can not process your application more than 30 days before the date you are scheduled to begin working
  • If your start date is before you are able to submit your social security application, you must begin to work and get paid without a SSN. However, you should submit an application by the end of the hiring month to avoid having maximum taxes withheld from your check.
  • Your social security card, with your number, will be mailed to you within 10 days after you submit your application. Remember to take your card to the Human Resources Office as soon as you receive it.
  • Other resources:


Please click here to request a free Sprintax code.

Tuition & Fees

Paying Tuition & Fees

Health Insurance

2016-2017 Student Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Enrollment and Waiver

Driving in the U.S.

Georgia Department of Driver Services Information for Non-US Citizens

Can I Drive in the U.S. with my International License?

Last updated: 9/22/2017