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Upcoming Conferences:

Georgia Southern University’s 32nd Annual
Middle School Model United Nations Conference:

November 7-8, 2013 at Georgia Southern University’s campus in the Russell Union.
Middle School Model United Nations Application First Deadline: Friday, August 2013
Middle School Model United Nations Application Second Deadline: Friday, September 13, 2013

Georgia Southern University’s 43rd Annual
High School Model United Nations conference

February 6-8, 2014 at Georgia Southern University’s campus in the Russell Union.
High School Model United Nations First Deadline: Friday, September 27, 2013
High School Model United Nations Second Deadline: Friday, October 18, 2013



Georgia Southern University would like to welcome you to the exciting world of Model United Nations and hope that you will join us for an upcoming conference!

Welcome to Georgia Southern University’s Model United Nations (MUN) Program! Created in 1972 under the direction of Dr. Lane Van Tassell and Dr. Zia Hashmi. The MUN was designed to provide students of all ages with realistic simulations of the actual United Nations and other international bodies. To date, millions of students around the world have participated in Model United Nations conferences and have gained a greater understanding of international events and the global community.

What is the Model United Nations Program about?


Every year, scores of high school and college Model United Nations conferences students may represent one of over 190 countries in the world, or they may represent a non-governmental organization–such as the International Red Cross or Greenpeace. In every case, students act as the “official spokespeople” of their country in the body they are assigned to. Students learn about their country’s position on critical domestic and global issues and act as diplomats to represent their country’s point of view. During the course of their experience, students learn the complexities of diplomacy — including the give and take involved in writing resolutions and securing their passage — as well as the art of parliamentary procedure. Most, if not all, students come away from the Model United Nations experience with a renewed appreciation for the process of peace and cooperation. Many, if not all, come to realize that global cooperation cannot be achieved by being passive bystanders. They must become active participants.

Georgia Southern University Model United Nations History


Since 1972, Georgia Southern University has participated in the National Model United Nations Conference held each year in New York City. In that time Georgia Southern has undertaken many difficult assignments such as representing the Islamic Republic of  Iran at that time that they were holding 52 Americans hostage, representing People’s Republic of China in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square, and the Soviet Union in the last year of its existence. Each of these assignments have displayed the complexities of learning foreign affairs of countries quite different from the United States.  Almost every student who has participated in the National Model United Nation’s Conference as a representative of Georgia Southern University  have returned with a renewed appreciation for foreign affairs and the   United Nation’s issues it undertakes.

In 1982, Georgia Southern became one of only three schools in the country to host a Middle School Model United Nations Conference.  The great success of our Georgia Southern Middle School MUN Conference led us to inaugurate a second Middle School MUN Conference in Savannah, Georgia in 1997. In November 2006, we hosted 25 schools from Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee with over 500 middle school students in attendance.  In 2007, the NMUN hosted two conferences in New York City with over 4,000 college students from nearly 300 schools from all five continents. Also in 2007, Georgia Southern University hosted its 36th Annual High School Model United Nations Conference with 22 schools and over 450 delegates in attendance, and in the same year over 20 schools participated in the Middle School MUN Conference in Savannah with over 400 delegates in attendance. It was also recognized by the NMUN Secretariat for its 36 years of continuous participation in the NMUN Conference, making it one of only five programs participating in the Conference for 35 years or more.

Georgia Southern University is very proud of its long-standing commitment and dedication to the Model United Nations. Each year, our Middle and High School MUN Conferences bring over 1,000 students to the campus of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, or to the Coastal Georgia Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Each year, nineteen outstanding Georgia Southern students, together with the outstanding high school delegate selected from our High School MUN Conference, travel to New York City to participate in the National Model United Nations Conference. Indeed, 50 percent of participants in the NMUN Conference come from outside of the United States. Throughout its history, Georgia Southern has been recognized for its outstanding preparation with several awards of distinction.

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