About the Center


The Center for International Studies is committed to providing students, the university, and the community with educational opportunities that offer an international perspective recognizing the plurality of cultures, the interdependence of nations, the existence of common political, economic, social and ecological concerns, and the urgent need for more effective methods of international and intercultural cooperation. Through its curriculum and sponsored activities, the Center for International Studies seeks to enhance the understanding of global issues and exposure to contemporary world cultures.

International Studies

The B.A. in International Studies is designed to provide an interdisciplinary social science background for careers both inside and outside the United States.  Students choose one emphasis from the following:  Modernization, Development, and Environment; War and Peace Studies; Society, Cultures, and Tradition.

Students become highly proficient in understanding global affairs through studying the culture, history, and political economy of regions outside the United States, and also by acquiring a second language and experiencing another culture by studying or working abroad.

International Trade

The B.S. in International Trade degree, unique in the state of Georgia, combines courses in international studies, international business and foreign language into a unified program of study. Students are required to complete an international internship which offers the opportunity to gain global business knowledge while experiencing immersion in another culture. In addition, International Trade students acquire regional specialization, foreign language proficiency, and leadership development. International Studies, a major that leans heavily towards the liberal arts, gives students many career choices upon graduation ranging from work with governmental and nongovernmental organizations to the pursuit of advanced degrees and future employment in international law and diplomacy.

Model United Nations

The Georgia Southern Model United Nations programs complement the degree programs by offering both majors and non-majors experience within that venue. The Model UN delegation works closely with its director to host programs for middle school and high school students. In addition, the university delegation prepares for participation in the national collegiate Model UN each spring. Georgia Southern University’s students compete on the highest levels and have received many awards, the most recent being an award for Outstanding Position Paper at the 2003 Model UN National Conference.

Study Abroad

Assignment to the Center of a coordinator responsible for study abroad and exchange programs has provided much needed manpower for recruitment efforts both on and off campus. Design and production of a general study abroad brochure was completed and the brochure distributed to students at study abroad fairs, on-campus open houses and off-campus recruiting receptions. Moreover, guidelines for study abroad crisis prevention and management were established for directors and faculty teaching courses abroad. During the year, the coordinator attends study abroad fairs and meets with students individually to help them plan for their programs abroad.

English Language Program

The Center offers an intensive English Language Program, a program designed for international students who have some knowledge of English but would like to improve their English proficiency for academic and professional purposes. Through the program, students develop their English skills while experiencing life in the United States.

Who can benefit from our program?

  • Students wishing to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at Georgia Southern but do not meet the TOEFL score requirement.
  • Students wishing to improve their English skills for the purpose of enrolling in a degree program at a university in the United States.
  • Businesspersons or other professionals who wish to improve their English Skills as part of their career development.
  • US residents who are not native English speakers and would like to improve their English skills.
  • Individuals who are interested in learning more about the English language and life in the United States.


Integration of personnel to handle immigration documentation and international student programming into the Center for International Studies has completed centralization of all international activities. The assignment of an International Student Coordinator and Immigration Specialist has allowed the Center to designate personnel who are available to assist international students with the paperwork required to maintain their student status. Through workshops and other interactive programming, students are aided in their task of adjusting to campus life.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Center for International Studies thrive on challenges and strive to achieve a number of goals. Future goals include the establishment of additional study abroad and exchange programs, expanded international internship opportunities, and creating Georgia Southern international studies centers at partner universities in each major region of the world. Other goals are expanded international recruitment efforts and increased presence within the overall undergraduate academic curriculum.

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