About IPS

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The Office of International Programs and Services is committed to providing students, the university, and the community with educational opportunities that offer an international perspective recognizing the plurality of cultures, the interdependence of nations, the existence of common political, economic, social and ecological concerns, and the urgent need for more effective methods of international and intercultural cooperation. Through its curriculum and sponsored activities, the Office of International Programs and Services seeks to enhance the understanding of global issues and exposure to contemporary world cultures.

Study Abroad

Assignment to the Office of International Programs and Services of a coordinator responsible for study abroad and exchange programs has provided much needed manpower for recruitment efforts both on and off campus. Design and production of a general study abroad brochure was completed and the brochure distributed to students at study abroad fairs, on-campus open houses and off-campus recruiting receptions. Moreover, guidelines for study abroad crisis prevention and management were established for directors and faculty teaching courses abroad. During the year, the coordinator attends study abroad fairs and meets with students individually to help them plan for their programs abroad.


Integration of personnel to handle immigration documentation and international student programming into the Office of International Programs and Services has completed centralization of all international activities. The assignment of an International Student Coordinator and Immigration Specialist has allowed IPS to designate personnel who are available to assist international students with the paperwork required to maintain their student status. Through workshops and other interactive programming, students are aided in their task of adjusting to campus life.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Office of International Programs and Services thrive on challenges and strive to achieve a number of goals. Future goals include the establishment of additional study abroad and exchange programs, expanded international internship opportunities, and creating Georgia Southern international studies centers at partner universities in each major region of the world. Other goals are expanded international recruitment efforts and increased presence within the overall undergraduate academic curriculum.

Last updated: 4/1/2016

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