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Experiential Learning

One of the ways the honors experience differs from the traditional university experience is through the honors experiential learning component. A hallmark of the University Honors Program involves bringing ideas to life. As a result, Honors students are required to participate in at least one experiential learning activity per year to enhance their undergraduate education. The University Honors Program maintains a variety of options for students to fulfill the Experiential Learning Requirement. Most activities fall under three categories:




Students should investigate which activity is appropriate for them and make arrangements as early as possible in the fall semester. Registration for all activities—including ones that will take place in the spring—will occur via an emailed survey early in the fall semester. A second survey in late spring will be used for the reflection process.


Summary of steps:

  • Students decide on their activity.
    (First-year students will complete the activity as part of their FYE courses.)
  • Students will fill out Experiential Learning Activity Project Registration Survey sent to them by the University Honors Program via Qualtrics. Completion of the survey is mandatory. All surveys will be complete by September 30.
  • Students will work on their activity over the course of the year.
  • In late spring all students will complete the Experiential Learning Activity Reflection Survey sent to them by the University Honors Program via Qualtrics. Completion of the survey is mandatory. All surveys will be complete by April 16.
  • Students will also arrange with their activity’s supervisor for a letter of verification of the activity’s completion to be sent to the University Honors Program by April 30.*
  • Failure to complete any of these steps may result in removal from the University Honors Program.


*Letters of Verification must come from the supervisor or mentor of the activity.  The letter (or email) should be sent to Dr. Francis Desiderio at or to him at University Honors Program, PO Box 8130, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA 30460.  These letters may be brief and simply state that the student completed the activity as claimed. All letters of verification for volunteer/service-learning experiences must state that the student worked for at least 25 hours with that organization. (Fewer than 25 hours is considered incomplete, and it will not count.)

Note for fall semester graduates: If you begin your final semester with one last experiential learning activity to complete, then you must complete it during your final semester. A reflection survey will be sent in mid November, and both the survey and letter of verification are due by 5:00 pm the Monday after Thanksgiving break.

Note on summer projects: Students may complete activities in the summer that will count for the following academic year’s requirement.  A registration survey for summer experiences is distributed in May. Students complete activities in the summer.  The reflection survey is distributed in August, and that survey and the letters of verification are due September 1.

Last updated: 5/18/2018