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Eagle Incentive Program (EIP) Peer Instructors

Applications for 2017 EIP Peer Instructors are now closed. Please check back December 2017 for Summer/Fall 2018 applications.

EIP peer instructors craft a syllabus, lead classroom discussions and activities, and assess student work for three sections of the extended orientation portion of FYE 1220. Under the supervision of the First-Year Experience program, these students teach extended orientation on their own to Eagle Incentive Program students during Term B. Students must have been a peer leader, MAP Sponsor, or a former EIP student to apply. Due to the workload, EIP peer instructors cannot take Term B classes. EIP peer instructors work 25 hours per week during Term B; due to Student Employment policies, EIP peer instructors may not work another job on-campus while they are an EIP peer instructor.

  • Attend all training sessions and meetings
  • Send a complete syllabus to FYE by May 30.
  • Teach three sections of the extended orientation portion of FYE 1220, using the extended orientation Folio modules and associated assignments provided by FYE
  • Serve as a resource for students in their section of FYE 1220 by holding posted office hours in the First-Year Experience office
  • Communicate with the assigned seminar portion instructor about syllabus, academic alerts and final grades
  • Put aside racial, sexual and personal bias in order to meet first-year student needs
  • Help first-year students acclimate to college life by providing a safe, accepting and helpful environment
  • Use positive peer influence to promote a healthy, supportive, and respectful educational environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviors inside and outside of the classroom
Time Commitments

The following time commitments are required of ALL EIP peer instructors. Peer instructors who cannot meet the requirements will be asked to leave their position. Please see the 2018 timeline below for specific dates and times regarding meetings and training. Due to the workload and time commitments, EIP peer instructors may not take classes during Term B; however, Term A classes or long-term classes may be taken.

Spring 2018

  • Attend six hours of peer instructor training (dates and times listed in the timeline below)
  • Attend one Folio training session

 Summer 2018

  • Attend six hours of pre-planning the week before Term B.
  • Attend all meetings
  • Teach ALL extended orientation class meetings (these are M-F, from either at 8 – 9:15 or 10 – 11:15 AM)
  • Grade all student work within the assigned extended orientation sections within 48 hours of the due date
  • Submit final grades to the extended orientation instructor no later than 48 hours after the last class meeting
Academic Requirements

To be considered, applicants must have:

  • Been either an FYE 1220 peer leader, MAP Sponsor, OR an Eagle Incentive Program student
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Clear judicial record
Logistics of Peer Facilitating for FYE 1220

FYE 1220 has two component parts that together total two credit hours: twenty-five percent of the total course grade comes from the “extended orientation” component of FYE 1220; seventy-five percent of the course comes from the academic, theme-based “seminar” component. All EIP peer instructors teach three extended orientation sections of FYE 1220, and are paired with the seminar instructors teaching the same section. 

The Extended Orientation

In this portion of the class, students learn about campus resources, time management, study skills, and academic advising in addition to reflecting broadly on their college experience.

The Seminar 

In the seminar portion of the course, students develop research skills revolving around information literacy, documentation and avoiding plagiarism. Faculty develop a special-topics course for the seminar component suitable for first-year students. Students, in turn, select their section of FYE 1220 based on the theme for the course. The idea is that all students should take a course that truly interests them in a format that promotes interaction during their first year.

For specific learning outcomes for both the seminar and the extended orientation components, click here.

What’s in it for Me?

EIP peer instructors receive a a total of $1020 for teaching three sections of FYE 1220 during Summer Term B.

2017 EIP Peer Instructor Timeline
  • The Fall 2017/Spring 2018 calendar will be available soon. Check back for specific dates.

* Six hours of regular training, one hour of Folio training, and six hours of pre-planning are required for ALL peer instructors. Students who cannot make it to training sessions or meetings due to other requirements must (1) inform LaNesha McCann of their upcoming absence and (2) schedule a make-up training date with LaNesha and (3) complete training makeup work BEFORE attending the make-up training meeting.

How to Apply

Applications for 2017 EIP Peer Instructors are now closed. Please check back December 2017 for Summer/Fall 2018 applications.

For more information or questions regarding your Summer 2018 Peer Instructor Application contact LaNesha McCann at

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