First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar

FYE 1220 is a two-hour seminar that serves as an academic, theme-based introduction to college-level inquiry and extends the orientation process into a student’s first semester at Georgia Southern. The course in an opportunity to research topics the student enjoys as well as to meet other students and a faculty member with similar interests. For these reasons, students are encouraged to select their theme very intentionally.

Catalog Description

Thematic seminar designed to promote information literacy skills and support students’ cognitive and affective integration into the University community. Required during the first semester for all students new to the University (except for transfer students with 30 hours or more); students may not withdraw.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will . . .

  1. Critically evaluate print and electronic information for its currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose.
  2. Identify and access appropriate sources for their academic research needs.
  3. Explain the academic integrity provisions of the Student Conduct Code and consider their own ethical responsibilities within and beyond the university community.
  4. Examine what they value, set goals for college aligned with those values, and make concrete plans for achieving their goals.  In order to achieve this larger outcome, students will:
    1. Describe why they are in college and what they think college will be like, and compare these things to the expectations of the university community.
    2. Explain behaviors that influence their academic and personal success.
    3. Describe expectations of their degree program and develop a realistic plan for achieving their academic goals.
    4. Examine challenges to achieving their goals (management of time, finances and other circumstances) and develop a plan to overcome personal challenges.
  5. Locate Georgia Southern resources and services necessary for their academic and personal success.

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