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FYE Success Series for Faculty

The Success Series presents information on topics to promote student success and/or help them avoid problems that many students face in their first year. FYE and the campus departments who sponsor the series seek out presenters who deliver the desired message in a manner that holds student interest while also not “preaching” to them (at least overtly). The series, in conjunction with FYE created reflection exercises in Folio, provides one way for faculty to address the learning outcome EO1e.

2017 FYE Success Series

All FYE 1220 students must attend Sex Signals or complete an alternate assignment.  See the description on the link above for how we portray this requirement to students.  Please note that students who opt for the alternate assignment must be given this option provided they contact you in advance.  Each year some students will choose to not attend because they have themselves have been victims of sexual assault, and we therefore must provide an alternate, less public, way for them to meet the requirement.

FYE strongly recommends requiring attendance at a minimum of two events. While some faculty will require attendance at specific events, the most common way that faculty use the series is to provide students at least some measure of choice in which events to attend. The Folio module is set-up to require students to attend two events, with attendance at an additional program counting as extra credit.

Although we feel confident that all details are correct, it’s a good idea to point students to the website for exact days and times, because it will always be as up-to-date as possible.

Last updated: 6/22/2017

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