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Campus Support for Teaching the FYE 1220 Seminar Component

Campus Support for Teaching the FYE 1220 Seminar Component

While faculty will have the expertise to teach the thematic content of their seminars, they may or may not have experience teaching about information literacy, plagiarism and documentation standards, or in assigning writing. FYE and the Library have developed a number of resources to help faculty who would like assistance in these areas:

Consultation and Presentation

Lisa Smith and other Library faculty who are specialists in the various disciplines are available to consult with individual faculty about their plans for incorporating information literacy into the FYE 1220 course. Library faculty are also available to lead class sessions on information literacy. Requests both for consultation and for presentations should be made to Lisa Smith at or 478-1896.

Support for Writing Instruction

FYE and the Department of Writing and Linguistics are interested in facilitating discussions among faculty about effective practice in assigning writing within a specific discipline. When signing up to teach FYE 1220, seminar faculty can indicate interest in participating in a discussion session co-led by a faculty member who teaches first-year composition and another who does not teach composition but who regularly assigns writing. If there is interest, FYE will organize the sessions and publicize the disciplines of the co-presenters, in order for faculty to select a discussion that will provide the best match for their disciplines.

Last updated: 5/30/2013

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