First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

General Requirements

The seminar constitutes 75 percent of both the meeting time of the course and the grading; conversely, the extended orientation component constitutes 25 percent of both the course meeting and grading. As the faculty member teaching the course, you have the freedom to craft the topics discussed in class, the class assignments and the grading, within the parameters of the course description, student learning outcomes, and additional requirements enumerated when signing up to teach the course.  As a reminder, these additional requirements are:


  1. Faculty teaching the seminar will meet individually with students at least once over the course of the semester;
  2. In Folio, the Evaluating Information and Academic Research modules and either the associated dropboxes or the quizzes are required, unless faculty notify FYE they will use an alternate method to meet the outcome and provide the assessments to FYE by September 1.
  3. As is the case for all courses of more than one credit hour, a final assessment is required during the week of final exams (December 4-7, 2017). For sections in which the seminar and extended orientation portion of the course are split, the final is the responsibility of the seminar professor.

Extended Orientation

  1. The academic advisement presentation employs a standardized curriculum (see the 2017 draft, here).  Most faculty request an academic advisor to make the presentation; however, faculty who feel comfortable delivering the presentation themselves may do so.  Faculty must complete a brief form by August 1 either indicating that they will make the presentation themselves or requesting  an academic advisor to make the presentation on a specific day.
  2. Sex Signals is required for students. Despite the requirement, some students will miss Sex Signals for various reasons, the most common of which will be that they’ll wait until the last performance and it will be full. Dr. Jodi Caldwell (who leads the Sexual Assault Response Team on campus) has developed an alternate assignment for students who cannot attend.

All courses

A written syllabus is required in FYE 1220. Faculty must upload their syllabus to Folio no later than August 18.

Last updated: 8/2/2017

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