First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

Teaching FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar

  • June 1: Academic advisor request form sent to faculty
  • June 1: Content requested via the Folio Copy-Over Customization Survey (sent via email to new faculty on May 9) will begin to be copied into fall courses; Alicia will email you once copy-over is complete
  • July 14: Deadline for returning faculty to submit Folio Customization Survey (new deadline: was previously August 1)
  • July 24: Deadline for faculty teaching extended orientation to request academic advisor (new deadline: was previously August 1)
  • September 18: Deadline for FYE 1220 faculty to submit academic alerts
FYE 1220 Requirements
FYE-Created Curriculum
Folio Help
Component-Specific Resources
Other Instructional Resources

Any questions should be directed to Chris Caplinger, director of First-Year Experience (478-1456 or or Alicia Spence, assistant director, at 478-2327 or

Last updated: 5/31/2017

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