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Comparing First-Year Seminar and Global Citizens
  First-Year Seminar Global Citizens
Credit hours and format 2: meets all semester twice a week for 50 minutes 1; most all semester; some half-term; some ten weeks
Place in Curriculum University requirement (not in the core) Area B for students who entered prior to fall 2018. Not required for students who enter in or after fall 2018.
Taken Required in first semester; FYE will place new students in section after drop add if not enrolled; less heavy-handed after first semester Second semester; FYE less heavy handed in enforcing compliance
Pre-requisite None FYE 1220; not enforced at registration; waived for transfer students not needing FYE 1220
Who is exempt? Transfer students with 30 hours or more (see exemption policy) Students who have satisfied Area B at a previous institution or who have earned an academic associate’s degree; students in engineer transfer programs do not take
Can students withdraw? No; refer students to Chris Caplinger; exceptions rarely made Yes.  Students taking classes that are not full-term must process through the FYE office and not on WINGS; students should consult the syllabus or contact FYE (8-3939)
Final exam During finals week During the last week of classes
FYE 1220 Exemption Policy
Basic Policy
Transfer students with 30 hours or more are exempt. Beginning in Fall 2013, waivers for these students have been automatically placed by the Registrar’s office in DegreeWorks.  Neither students nor advisors need to take action in these cases. The waiver should appear in Degreeworks within a week of when the first time an enrollment record is created for the student at Georgia Southern.  Students exempted from FYE 1220 still must earn the number of hours in their degree programs, typically by substituting elective hours for the two-hour FYE course.
Who is a Candidate for a Waiver?

Students must meet one of the following criteria to be a candidate for a waiver:

  1. Two full-time semesters (12 hours or more) as a matriculated student at another university.  The student doesn’t necessarily have to have passed 12 hours, but must have completed those hours.  Withdrawn hours, especially when students have withdrawn from multiple classes, do not generally count, although we will consider these in some cases.  Please note:  We will not place a waiver until credit has posted to a student’s record in SHATERM.
  2. Earned credit for an equivalent course at another university. The course must be both: 1) a minimum of two credit hours; and, 2) include an information literacy component.

FYE evaluates equivalency based on course descriptions. The FYE courses at Kennesaw State and Appalachian State, for instance, meet the requirement. In the event that the course description doesn’t provide enough information to grant an exemption, students have the option of petitioning Chris Caplinger directly with a syllabus.

“Freshmen” with 30 Hours or More not Exempt (with limited exceptions)

In the Catalog, the only “by rule” exemptions for FYE 1220 are for transfer students who enter with 30 hours or more. Students coded as freshmen admits (type A or B; check SOAR report or SGASTDN), irrespective of classification, generally take FYE 1220.

The only exceptions remaining involve Georgia Southern’s own dual enrolled students (were Accel/MOWR at Georgia Southern and then matriculated here as a degree-seeking student), and we will be phasing these waivers out over the next couple of years. The policy for exempting freshman admits who enter with 30 or more hours has changed over time because of MOWR’s evolution and our ability to track students in the system.

  • Prior to Fall 2013:  Any student who entered with 30 hours or more was exempted because there was no good way to determine how credit was earned. The waiver should be in DegreeWorks; if one is not, then contact Chris Caplinger.
  • Beginning Fall 2013, new students who are classified by Admissions as “beginning freshmen” (type A or B) have not been exempt, irrespective of hours earned (even if they have an associate’s degree). This includes dual enrolled students from other universities and most MOWR students at Georgia Southern (see below for a temporary exception).
    • Temporary Exception:  Students who were dual enrolled at Georgia Southern for two semesters, full time (irrespective of hours earned) OR have earned 30 hours or more as a dual enrolled student AND and began taking classes before Summer 2016 are exempted automatically by FYE. AP or IB hours do not count toward the total of 30 hours. Advisors do not need to take action.
    • Effective for students who begin MOWR in Summer 2016 or afterward are no longer exempted. They will be treated just like other dual enrolled students. The course can now be taken as part of the MOWR program. Students who do not take FYE 1220 while a MOWR student will be required to take it in their first semester as a matriculated student.  Note: Students who are part of the University Honors Program once they matriculate will be required to take an honors section of the course, even if they have already taken FYE 1220, unless granted an exception from the UHP.

Questions?  Ask Chris Caplinger.

Advisor Form for Requesting an FYE 1220 Waiver
Advisors request a waiver by completing this form (must be logged into MyApps in MyGS to authenticate).

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