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CTL consultants will meet with individuals, small groups, or departments to discuss any teaching issue. A consultation can be a single meeting, or a series of meetings dedicated to improving an aspect of teaching or to implementing a new pedagogical approach.

CTL offers the following types of consultations:

Teaching Consultations

Request a teaching consultation if you want to discuss ways of improving your teaching, design or re-design your course, implement new teaching strategies, brainstorm ideas for new activities and assignments, or address any other issue related to your teaching.

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Teaching Observations

Request a teaching observation if you need feedback on your classroom behaviors, student engagement, lesson structure, or any other issue related to your effectiveness in the classroom. During a teaching observation, the CTL consultant observe your teaching, provide you with feedback during the follow-up consultation, and document the whole process in a written memo.

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Mid-term Student Feedback

Request mid-term student feedback if you would like the CTL consultant to gather information about your course from your students. We can facilitate a student feedback session regarding a specific teaching strategy or, more generally, ask your students how well they are learning.

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CTL consultations are voluntary and confidential. You can decide whether or not to include the results in any tenure or promotion portfolio.

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