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Flipped Learning Community


This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) meets throughout the Academic Year. We will discuss the flipped method and strategies for implementing it into their courses to enhance the learning experience and encourage student engagement. In the Fall, participants will develop flipped module(s) for a course they are teaching and implement their design in the Spring.

FLC participants will join a group of colleagues and CT2 facilitators in an interdisciplinary conversation dedicated to the exploration and implementation of Flipped Learning strategies. This series of collaborative sessions will help you to:

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of the flipped learning approach
  • Learn how to determine which parts of your course can be flipped
  • Design a flipped unit (or a series of units) for your course
  • Learn about how to access technological support for the flipped classroom
  • Assess how well you have implemented flipped learning

All participants will be recognized with a certificate and a small stipend upon successful completion of the FLC and all requirements.

Applications will be accepted from August 1st to August 21st via Google Application Form.

Participants of the 2016-17 Flipped FLC present their work during a faculty showcase.

Participants of the 2016-17 Flipped FLC present their work during a faculty showcase.

Meeting Dates

Meeting times will be determined based on the availability of participants.

A tentative schedule is posted on Google Drive.


The FLC is open to faculty only and participation is limited to 10 participants. Interested faculty are invited to apply for participation in the Learning Community. We are asking you to provide

  • basic information about the course where you would like to incorporate flipped learning
  • rationale for why you think the flipped method will support student learning in this course.

Applications will be accepted from August 1st to September 1st via Google Application Form.


The success of the learning community depends on the commitment of its members. To make the most of the FLC, in addition to attending monthly meetings you will have to invest several hours into the preparation of your course.

  • Attend all sessions of the workshop and complete all assignments; most will be related to designing your flipped unit(s).
  • Design, implement, and assess a flipped learning module in a course you are teaching in Spring 2018.
  • As part of the Flipped Learning Showcase we ask that you share your project and the insights you gleaned. In collaboration with CT2 staff, each participant will create a short video presentation. You are encouraged to address what worked well and which aspects of flipping presented challenges. Videos will be shared to the CT2 website.

Flipped Learning Community Campus Showcase, April 2016

Flipped Learning Community Campus Showcase, April 2016

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