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Certificate: Reflective Teaching

Program Description

This certificate will be especially appealing to faculty who want to engage in reflective practice to examine their perceptions of teaching and learning, strengthen their teaching practice, and assemble a repertoire of pedagogical strategies to foster reflection among their students.

This program includes participation in the Teaching Academy followed by a teaching observation or midterm student feedback. The Teaching Academy offers an interdisciplinary learning community in which you will explore your practices and assumptions about teaching, discuss research on teaching and learning, and reflect on your own growth as an educator. A teaching observation and midterm feedback will give you constructive, confidential feedback on specific aspects of your pedagogical practice. You will also create a Teaching Philosophy that reflects your attitudes and approaches to effective teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this certificate, you will be able to:

  • examine your assumptions about teaching
  • examine your assumptions about students and how they learn
  • modify your teaching strategies in order to improve student learning
  • evaluate your own teaching in the context of pedagogical research
  • develop activities to foster reflection among your students
  • plan reflective activities to sustain your own professional growth
  • complement your Teaching Portfolio with reflective narratives about your teaching


  • Attend and participate in all (6) sessions of the Teaching Academy
  • Complete all required assignments; specifically, submission of substantive pre- and post-session reflections
  • Complete Teaching Observation and Midterm Student Feedback with a CT2 colleague
  • Attend Teaching Portfolio workshop
  • Submit your Teaching Philosophy
  • Exit interview and submission of a one-page reflection on your learning experience while completing the certificate program
  • View certificate checklist
  • All requirements must be completed within 12 months of the start date.

Last updated: 1/11/2018

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