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About i-Clickers

Clickers are a great way for professors to gather instantaneous feedback from students without introducing too much disruption into a lecture.

They can be used to assess pre- and post-lesson knowledge, provide a springboard for class discussion, and collect attendance information.

How i>Clickers Work


Visit these i>Clicker Resources

i>Clicker Training

Individual consultations can be scheduled for basic training on the use of i>Clickers in the classroom. Contact Louise Fechter at 912.478.2340, or

i>Clicker (Instructor)
i>Clicker Student Registration
i>Clicker (Instructor) i>Grader and Roster Setup
i>Clicker Start Polling
i>Clicker Synchronize Your Grades
Grading i>Clicker Assignments with Assigned Answers


Last updated: 6/1/2017

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