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Folio Foundations Template

Template Details
The Folio Foundations Template provides a structural foundation for online courses consisting of editable Web-based pages as well as a set of course tools like discussion forums and assignment dropboxes.


  • Addresses the majority of Quality Matters Rubric standards
  • Compliant with Web accessibility laws
  • Based on research and best practice recommendations
  • Georgia Southern University branding
  • Easy to edit
  • Accommodates your teaching style and strategies.

Flexible Design and Structure

The template leverages Folio’s ability to organize learning into modules. The number of modules for each course can be expanded or contracted as needed. Modules are broken down into a standard set of editable sections and pages plus tools like discussion areas and assignment dropboxes. Pages and tools can be added, customized, or removed at will.

» Preview course structure of modules, pages, and tools

Installing the Template

To obtain a copy of the template, please contact the Center for Online Learning for assistance at 912-478-0049.

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