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Thursday, March 22, 2018
6:00pm Conference Reception | Embassy Suites, Savannah, GA

Poster Presentations

David Lockett — Observatories at the Extreme Chilean Telescopes

Kristin Apraiz — Building a Strong Foundation: Using a Shared Elementary Field Experience for Preservice STEM Educators

Beulah Narendrapurapu — Effectiveness of Homework Intervention in Impacting Scientific Reasoning Skills as Measured by the Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning

Isabel Thomas — Preliminary Study for STARS (Self-Tracking, Assessment and Reflection Study) in Organic Chemistry Course

Melik Dizbay-Onat — Collaboration Between University of Alabama at Birmingham Center for Community Outreach Development (UAB-CORD) and Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness For Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) Birmingham

Tricia Kirkland — Solar Energy R&D Project: Teachers Incorporating STEM-Modules to Yield an Energy Literate Generation

Friday, March 23, 2018
8:00am Registration

Keynote Speaker

Myles Boylan, Program Director National Science Foundation
Strategies for Improving STEM Education; Pathways to Institutional Transformation



 Session 1
Student Superhero STEM: Making Superheroes out of ALL Students – Brandon Chason, Karen Buckner
Graph it Out! Create Graphing Manipulatives to Explore Evolutionary Selection – Emily Harbert-Surber, Cassie Lawrimore
Ag in the Classroom: A Win for All – Tricia Kirkland, Jennifer Carroll
Putting Lab into Lecture – Samantha Russell
Grounding STEM Education Programs in NGSS Practices – David Lockett
10:15-11:45am Workshop 1: Make Learning Meaningful with Interdisciplinary Lessons – Michele Dodge, Phil Dodge



Session 2 
An Exploration of Climate Change in the K-12 Classroom – Lisa Millsaps, David Jensen
Business Engagement in STEM Workforce Development – Melinda Moore, David Tanner
Using Google Forms to Inform Teaching Practices – Ha Nguyen, Heidi Eisenreich, Eryn Stehr
The Effects of Integrating Lego Robotics into a Mathematics Curriculum to promote the development of proportional reasoning. – Shelli Casler-Failing
Georgia STEAM Asset Map – Caitlin Daugherty Kokenes GPEE
12:00pm Lunch on Your Own/Visit Savannah


Robert Hodgdon, Richmond Hill Middle School




Session 3
Selecting, Sequencing, and Connecting: Using Technology to Support Area Measurement through Tasks, Strategies, and Discussion – Eryn Stehr, Ha Nguyen, Jia He
Deepening Place Value Understanding in K-2 through Explanation and Justification – Heidi Eisenreich, Andria Disney
Using Creative Writing to Facilitate Science Learning – Alma Stevenson, Lacey Huffing
What goes right, when things go wrong during a project-based learning field experience – Gayle Evans, Kristen Apraiz
Strategies for Improving STEM Education; Pathways to Institutional Transformation – Myles Boylan
Interdisciplinary Robotics – Bryan Fagan
3:00-4:30pm Workshop 2: AMP-IT-UP: Science and Math Curriculum Modules to Cultivate the Next Generation of STEM Innovators – Sabrina Grossman, Jayma Koval, Jeffrey Rosen, Doug Edwards, Mike Ryan, Marion Usselman,  Meltem Alemdar,  Sunni Newton



Session 4
Content and Instructional Practice: A MSP Project – Donna Mullinax, Janel Smith
Integrating Lego Robotics into a 5th grade cross curricular unit to promote the development of narrative writing skills – Shelli Casler-Failing, Mete Akcaoglu, Valerie Woodrum, Valerie Morris, Jay McNeely
Visualizing geometrical counterexamples using digital tools – Tuyin An, Ha Nguyen
Using Active Learning Strategies in Calculus to Improve Student Learning and Influence Mathematics Department Cultural Change – Melissa Dagley, Xin Li, Brian Moore, Erin Saitta, Jacquelyn Chini, Michele Gill
Lesson learned from PD on Problem-Solving and Sense-Making – Jennifer Albert,  Robin Jocius, Richard Robinson, Deepti Joshi

Closing Remarks

Scott Scheidt, Center for Applied Cyber Education
Georgia Southern at Armstrong

Beth Smith, Texas Instruments

5:15pm Enjoy Savannah
Saturday, March 24, 2018
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Student Showcase of STEM Projects



Session 5
Using Notecards to Connect Area Formulas and Deepen Understanding – Heidi Eisenreich,  Ha Nguyen,  Tuyin An
Augmented Reality Chemistry: Transforming 2D Molecular Representations into Interactive 3D Structures – Derek Behmke, David Kerven, Julia Paredes, Richard Pennigton,  Michael Deiters, Kevin Stevens
STEM up your Curriculum – Judy Ward, Denise Cornwell, Brian Williams, Joseph Martin, Robert Funsch
Planning for STEM with SMPs and SEPs – Janel Smith
STEM-Sational Science with the Science Twins! – Donita Legoas, Kristina Istre
10:00-11:30am Workshop 3: An Introduction to Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Classroom – Lisa Millsaps



Session 6
Creating STEM Opportunities in a K-8 School – Carolyn Rethwisch, Barbara Serianni
A Personalized Metric for Effective Assessment of The Four Pillars of STEM Learning – Senthil Balaji Girimurugan
Using Supplemental Instructors to Bridge Math and Science – Donna Mullenax
The effects of acute Omega-3 supplementation on delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery – Colin Butler, Amy Jo Riggs, Gregory Ryan,  Stephen Rossi
STEM Night – Michelle Thompson
Looking for resources for your science classroom? – Britt Gantt, Kristen Lecomte, Zach Weaver
11:00am-12:30pm Workshop 4: Science Rotations – Debra Watson
11:30am Session 7
AMP up STEM learning in Middle School Connections Class – Jeffrey Rosen
Building a Sustainable Powerhouse – Laura Mills,  Aaron Specht, Rachel Grillo
Fostering Pre-service Teachers’ Understanding of Basic Arithmetic Principles – Veena Paliwal
The Ecosystem Beneath the Tree – Kimberly Thomas
Using Cartoons to Make Connections and Enrich Mathematics – Janet St. Clair



Session 8
Assessment of Practice-Focused Middle School Science Modules – Sunni Newton, Jessica Gale, Meltem Alemdar, Stefani Wind
Open Education Resources in STEM Education – Scott Kersey
Gamification of the Science Classroom: An Investigation of the Use of an Online Gaming Platform to Improve Student Performance – Mary Wells, Kaitlyn Demirjian, Britton Hammel-Cobb, Lauren Kelly, Charlton Riegner
People, Pressures, Progress, and a Plea: Collaboration to Create a STEM Center – Greg Baugher, Zipangani Vokhiwa
The Role of Social Justice in STEM Education – Stacey Britton, Rebecca Gault
Energy Projects – Shaina Neal
1:00pm Lunch & Project Sense Demo Stations (led by Kania Greer, Lacey Huffling, Lisa Stueve, Sarah Bent)
3:00pm Closing Remarks/Conference Adjourns


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