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What to Expect
Learning the ins and outs of employment law while running a business or department can be a daunting task. Georgia Southern University’s Continuing Education Center presents a better approach: complete your LAW (Legal Awareness in the Workplace) training “one bite at a time” when you have the time and the need to know a particular topic. Through the Legal Awareness in the Workplace series, Human Resource professionals, supervisors, and other business leaders can attend one or more 90-minute training seminars on the employment law issue of their choice.

HRCI Approved Provider

Georgia Southern University is officially designated by the HR Certification Institute as an Approved Provider of recertification continuing education and training.

Upon completing each Legal Awareness in the Workplace (LAW) seminar, you’ll receive 1.5 credit hours toward PHR, SPHR or GPHR recertification that complies with the rules of the HR Certification Institute.

Please contact Leah Edwards at if you would like printed documentation of your participation in any seminar for HRCI recertification. To ensure priority attention, put TRANSCRIPT REQUEST in the subject line. We can provide one certificate per seminar or a Continuing Education transcript that provides the titles and dates of all seminars you have taken. We also recommend that you print a copy of this web page for your paper files.

Law 126: Best Practices in the Hiring Process, including Background Checks

Date: September 19, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Hunter Maclean Office, Brunswick, GA
Cost: $59
Corporate Rate: $55 (4 or more when you register and pay before 9/13/17)
Registration Deadline: 9/13/17

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Each time your firm seeks a new employee, you must follow federal requirements and determine how much background information is needed. Learn which steps are required and which are optional in the position ad, E-verify, employment history verification, school record review, criminal history check and credit history request.

  • Participants learn which questions to ask that are job-related and not discriminatory. You will find out how I-9 documentation affects each employer and how to take Title VII, disparate treatment and disparate impact into consideration during the hiring process.
  • You will also learn which level of jobs require background checks, what is the best approach to determining if applicants have past convictions and whether that is relevant.

Reviewing Your Handbooks, Rules and Disciplinary Processes

Date: October 17, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah, Georgia
Cost: $59
Corporate Rate: $55 (4 or more when you register and pay before 10/11/17)
Registration Deadline: 10/11/2017

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This 1.5-hour Legal Awareness in the Workplace seminar updates HR and other managers on best practices in complying with the Employment Law in the Workplace.

Employment laws change often. Staying on top of them is essential to running an efficient, fair workplace—and heading off expensive lawsuits. All the employment law issues you need to know about, including:

  • applications, interviews and hiring
  • must-have personnel policies
  • wage and hour laws
  • employee discipline and performance reviews
  • health care and other employee benefits
  • employee taxes and payroll
  • family and medical leave
  • employee privacy
  • illegal harassment and discrimination
  • terminations
  • downsizing and layoffs

Law 125: Discrimination & Hostile Work Environment – What You Need to Know

Date: November 14, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Hunter Maclean Office, Brunswick, GA
Cost: $59
Corporate Rate: $55 (4 or more when you register and pay before 11/8/17)
Registration Deadline: 11/8/17

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One of the Legal Awareness in the Workplace seminars, this 1.5-hour program helps participants understand why and how discrimination and harassment claims occur in even the best of firms. Learn what qualifies as discrimination, who can be charged with harassment, and how best to reduce the likelihood of these charges in the workplace.

  • Participants learn how to address a hostile work environment
  • Participants gain a better understanding on the types discrimination in the workplace

**Seminars offer SHRM for Certified Professional Units (CPUs) for Certified Professionals and Senior Certified Professionals.

Before registering, please read our terms and conditions.


Wade-Herring-HunterMacleanWade W. Herring II is a partner in the Savannah office of HunterMaclean. Mr. Herring’s practice focuses on all aspects of employment problems and issues, including internal employment practices, wage-hour issues, drug testing, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and employee benefits.

He is recognized as a Super Lawyer, Best Lawyer, and Chambers “Leader in his Field” in the practice area of employment and labor. He is a past president of the Savannah Bar Association, a past president of Savannah Rotary East, and a past board chair of the Savannah Country Day School Board of Trustees. Involved in a wide variety of community and professional activities, Mr. Herring continues to serve on both the Hospice Savannah Personnel Committee and the Telfair Museum Personnel Committee, as well as the University of Georgia School of Law Alumni Council and the Georgia Appleseed board, among others.

Shawn-Kachmar-HunterMacleanShawn A. Kachmar is a partner at Hunter Maclean in Savannah, Georgia, where he practices in the areas of Employment Law and Business Litigation. He routinely represents businesses of all sizes in state and federal courts in Georgia and South Carolina and before federal and state administrative agencies. He has extensive experience with multi-party litigation and class and collective actions, as well as alternative dispute resolution. He is also a registered arbitrator with the State of Georgia. Shawn has been selected as a Georgia Rising Star in litigation by Law & Politics and Atlanta Magazine, was named one of Savannah’s “40 Under 40” by the Savannah Business Report & Journal, is AV rated and listed in Chambers USA, and has received numerous awards for his work in the community. He received his B.S., with high distinction, from Penn State and his J.D., with distinction, from Emory Law School. He served as law clerk for Justice Hugh P. Thompson, Georgia Supreme Court while in law school, and Judge Ira DeMent, Middle District of Alabama following law school. He also serves on the Savannah-Chatham County Public School Board.
Sarah-Lamar-HunterMacleanSarah H. Lamar, a partner of HunterMaclean, represents employers regarding discrimination and other employment laws such as Title VII, the ADEA, the ADA, the FMLA, the FLSA, the WARN Act, immigration laws, breach of contract actions, non-competes, and tort claims. Ms. Lamar conducts in-house training for employers, and she advises clients on human resource issues including federal affirmative action and immigration obligations. She has been listed in Best Lawyers® in America for labor and employment law in 2010-2015 and Chambers USA in the area of employment law. Ms. Lamar is a past chair of ALFA International, a global legal networking organization, and she serves on its Employment Practice Group Steering Committee. She has been published in Wiley Employment Law Update by John Wiley & Sons and is a contributing author to Employment Discrimination Law, 1998 and 2000 supplements. Ms. Lamar is a member of the Savannah Area SHRM Chapter and chair of the Georgia State SHRM Government Affairs Committee. She is licensed to practice in Georgia and the District of Columbia. Ms. Lamar earned her B.A. at Yale University and her J.D. at Emory University.
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All Seminar Topics

Previous seminar topics are listed below. We occasionally repeat past topics!

LAW 127: Developing an In-Depth Understanding of the FMLA
Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the FMLA and how it affects their firm. Specifically, they will get a core overview of when employees can receive unpaid leave and retain their health insurance coverage. Through the seminar, they will learn strategies for dealing with complicated employee leave issues.
LAW 126: Best Practices in the Hiring Process, including Background Checks
Hiring is the key to organizational success when it is done properly. The seminar will review legal requirements in interview questions, hiring documentation, and background checks. Learn which steps are required, which are prohibited, and which are optional in advertising, work authorization, employment history verification, school record review, criminal history check, and credit history request.
LAW 125: Discrimination and Hostile Work Environment – What You Need to Know
Discrimination and harassment claims occur in even the best of firms. Learn what qualifies as discrimination, who can be charged with harassment, and how best to reduce the likelihood of these charges in the workplace. Specifics include the policies and training to ensure the best workplace environment, and the requirements for investigation if a case arises.
LAW 124: Managing Employee Leave, Including The Overlap Between FMLA, ADA & Workers Comp
New interpretations and decisions on the FMLA, ADA & Workers Comp laws require HR to stay constantly updated on employee leave issues. Participants learn when and how to apply for unpaid leave, accommodate injured workers with re-assignment, approve medical leave requests, and implement missed-work policies. In addition, various federal and state laws provide for employee leave or job protections for military service, jury duty, and voting, among other situations. Is your company in compliance?
LAW 123: Social Media – What Human Resource Professionals Should Know
The social media craze is here to stay: Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, etc. Privacy laws and federal laws such as the NLRA impact your control over staff’s social media use at work and off duty. This practical review of applicable statutes/regulations will help you choose policies for your firm.
LAW 122: From Hiring To Termination — Effective Employee Management
Review every major HR step to ensure employees are processed legally and treated fairly within a firm. You will learn how to: follow pre-hire procedures, handle discipline issues, properly process discharging employees and maintain a positive working environment.
LAW 121: Non-Competes and Contract Law
What are your departing employees’ rights in accepting employment with potential competitors? In 2011, Georgia law on restrictive covenants and employment contracts changed. In our service economy based upon information and relationships, your firm needs to make informed decisions to protect confidential information, business competitiveness, and customer relations.
LAW 120: Wage and Hour Best Practices
The Fair Labor Standards Act is one of the oldest of the federal employment laws and perhaps the most violated. It applies to businesses of all sizes regardless of the number of employees. Employees cannot consent to a waiver of the FLSA. Come learn how to avoid wage-hour claims and Department of Labor audits.
LAW 119: Managing Your Firm’s Paid & Unpaid Leave
From furloughs to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), unpaid leave is a complicated issue that employers need to address carefully and within the bounds of current employment law. Paid leave rules and regulations will also be covered, from vacation to Workers Compensation to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
LAW 118: ADA Accommodations and Your Firm
Congress amended the Americans with Disabilities Act to reverse Supreme Court rulings that had weakened its impact in the workplace. Participants will find out what the newly strengthened ADA means to employers. What does “disability” mean? What is the employer’s duty to “reasonably accommodate”? Armed with this knowledge, HR professionals will be able to ensure that their firms are in compliance with the ADA.
LAW 117: Addressing Employee Leave Issues
Employee leave issues are the focus of this new seminar. In addition to leave requirements under the FMLA, the ADA, and state Workers Compensation laws, did you know that various federal and state laws provide for employee leave or job protections for military service, jury duty, and voting, among other situations? Is your company in compliance?
LAW 116: Working Time Under the FLSA
Did your assistant pick up office supplies for you on the way to work this morning? Was one of the bus drivers re-assigned to travel across town and take over an absent driver’s route? Hourly workers frequently fall into a gray area of waiting, traveling, or taking breaks during the work day. This seminar provides an overview of what does and does not qualify as compensable working time, under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
LAW 115: Effective Recruiting,Screening, Background Investigations
Who wouldn’t want to hire the job candidate who gives the best interview? But to make the best, most prudent choice for your firm’s future, you should make sure that you follow federal employment laws in the interviewing and application process, that background checks are done pursuant to the FCRA and that all hiring “best practices”, including Form I-9 completion, are followed.
LAW 114: Retaliation Under Title VII
Every supervisor needs to be aware of the proper way to treat an employee who has filed a harassment claim. Learn about the Supreme Court’s evolving interpretation of retaliation and how that affects your firm.
LAW 113: Hot Topics in Employment Law
Class action and collective action lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg in litigation issues that employers think will “never happen to us.” Join us to learn about emerging trends in workplace claims in the twenty-first century, and what you can do to prevent them.
LAW 112: New Hire Documentation
Learn which documents must be filled in, archived and/or forwarded to the government when a new employee is hired in your firm. From advertisements to interview notes, offer letters to background checks to W-4 and I-9 forms, this seminar will take you through the vital components of hiring.
LAW 111: Workplace Violence in Georgia
How can you develop a safer workplace for your firm? Learn the policies, procedures, and practices for preventing incidents of workplace violence. Find out about applicable Georgia laws, harassment, communications and weapons-at-work policies, and best practices for implementing and monitoring such policies.
LAW 110: Hostile Work Environment, A Case Review
Learn what harassment is and what it is not. This seminar will help you develop an understanding of the pro-active and inexpensive steps that your firm can take to minimize or avoid harassment claims: policy implementation, training, and investigation.
LAW 109: Federal Labor and Employment Law Record Keeping
Human Resources and other business managers need to think comprehensively about documents and forms that their firms can use to proactively manage the relationship between employer and employee. Legal requirements and “best practices” will be addressed. Learn what documents help make a successful business and how long documents must be retained.
LAW 108: Georgia Employment Law
This seminar covers various Georgia employment law topics, including the creation of at-will and contract employment, negligent supervision/retention of employees, defamation in the context of employment references, and workplace privacy. Explores Georgia discrimination and compensation laws in light of their federal counterparts.
LAW 106: Immigration Compliance Issues for Businesses
Human resource professionals need to know when and how their firms should use e-Verify and how to comply with I-9 regulations. Over-reliance on automation can lead to claims of document abuse or national origin discrimination. In addition, HR personnel should be aware of the Department of Homeland Security’s current approach to issues of possible illegal immigrants in the workplace. This seminar will also assess any new immigration reform legislation being considered by Congress and how it might affect local firms.
LAW 105: Best Practices in Running Background & Reference Checks
Learn how the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its recent amendments affect your role in evaluating potential employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) anti-discrimination law also affects how you run your pre-hire and post-employment background checks and investigations.
LAW 104: Coordinating the Triad of FMLA, ADA, and Worker’s Comp
Three important federal laws intersect in telling you how to handle employees with medical conditions. This seminar addresses issues of paid leave, accommodation of injuries through light duty assignments, tardiness/absenteeism policies and more.
LAW 103: Basics of the Family and Medical Leave Act
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires employers to give unpaid leave to eligible employees for various medical or family issues while continuing their health insurance coverage. Get an overview of the law regarding benefits, eligibility, types of leave, pay and coverage. Amendments to the FMLA enacted in February 2008 will be covered.
LAW 102: Recent Developments in the Fair Labor Standards Act
Are your employees correctly classified as exempt or non-exempt, according to the August 2004 ruling? A new Supreme Court decision requires employers to consider whether preliminary and post-work activities are covered as work time. Review the new Dept of Labor opinion letters and get on the right side of the law.
LAW 101: Internal Investigations & Documentation, Discipline & Discharge
Learn the legal concerns of running a thorough employee investigation for harassment, accident, or more. Avoid charges of slander, libel, privacy violation, etc. From pre-hire procedures through discipline and discharge, what are the most effective ways to avoid employment-related claims against the company

“This class was timely for our organization and provided a wealth of useful information that will guide us. Thank you!!”
-Jarrell C. Dickey, Jr., Coastal Center for Developmental Services

“Excellent experience”
-Ramon Ray, Executive Direction, Human Resources, Savannah-Chatham Public Schools

“A lot of material in a short time frame. Well presented.”
-Cindy Barnhart, HR Generalist, Teamwork Services, Inc.

“Great enlightenment on the subject.”
-Debra A. Allen, HR Analyst, Chatham County Government

“Provided ample time for questions/answers. Enjoyed the real-life scenarios.”
-Baylie M. Lane, HR Assistant, Teamwork Services Inc.

“Excellent, very interesting, [Wade Herring] provided helpful direct answers to questions.”
Claudia Leigh Herald, Driver Training Officer/HR Services, Chatham County Government[/author]

“I felt that this class was very beneficial and thorough.”
-Rebecca M. Schmidt, Accountant, Savannah Airport Commission

“Excellent, very interesting, [Wade Herring] provided helpful direct answers to questions.”
-Sandra Swicegood, SPHR

“I liked the samples – they made you think.”
-Susan Courtland, Human Resources Generalist, Candler Hospital

“Very good. Loved the infusion of humor.”
-Angelynn Thomas, PHR, Southeast Georgia Health System

“Great information was shared. I’m appreciative of the Powerpoint handout for note taking and later reference.”
-Felicia Wentway, Human Resources Manager, Coastal Center for Developmental Services, Inc.

“Shawn [Kachmar] is the BEST. Very knowledgeable and approachable. Enjoyed the class a lot and have some things to review in our current policies.”
-Pat Johnston, Director, Human Resources, CareCore National

“I appreciated the fair-minded concept applied to the interpretation of law.”
-Charlotte Lyda, Southeast Georgia Health System

How will you use what you have learned?

“At work – (and) taking PHR exam in 2 weeks.”
-Katie Simmons, International Greetings USA

“Proper staff management.”
-Tobi Sperry, Coastal Heritage Society

-Norma Pope, International Greetings USA

“Apply to daily work.”
-Heather Alkire, PHR, Asst. Director of HR, Georgia Ports Authority

“I’m going to recommend the org. do an I-9 audit!”
-Carol Goodwin, SPHR, consultant

“Self-audits important, background check – I-9s must be perfect.”
-Betty Clapham, Human Resources, East Georgia Healthcare Center

“I’m going to type up my notes and share them with my colleagues. I want to review our offer letter.”
-Barbara Fierstein, Hancock Askew & Co., LLP

“To coach and advise my company’s execs on employment decisions”
-Ginna Carroll, Macaljon, Inc.

“Assist employers with FML issues in absence of HR administrator.”
-Doreen Fornili, Employment Specialist, VT Griffin

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HunterMaclean Brunswick
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