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National Youth-At-Risk Conference – Savannah High Flying Schools

Deadline for submitting nominations for the High Flying School Award has been extended to January 15, 2016.

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The rubric for all items is a graduated score, there are points for partially meeting the criteria.

Criteria: High Achievement (required)
The school ranks at the 75th percentile or higher in at least three academic subjects in at least two grade levels. (300 words or less).

The high achievement criteria is based on state standardized test scores. Schools are not to compare themselves to other schools or compare groups of students. Performance results are reviewed to indicate consistency in academic performance of students.

Criteria: High Poverty (required)
The school’s student population is comprised of at least 50% of students living at or below poverty level as defined by the federal lunch program for public schools. (300 words or less)

Criteria: High Minority (required)
The school’s student population is comprised of 50% or more minority students. Please list the subgroups and their percentage of the student population. (300 words or less)

Criteria: Community Collaboration (required)
The school demonstrates high levels of collaboration with community and/or university in addressing youth-at-risk issues within the school and community. (300 words or less)

Criteria: Citizenship Development (required)
The school provides opportunities for students to develop citizenship skills at school and in the community. (300 words or less)

Criteria: Democratic Education (required)
School curriculum includes objectives and activities related to the growth of students as individuals who are successful members of a democratic society. (300 words or less)


Last updated: 8/17/2016

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