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2015 Keynote Speakers
Sally Brown

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Emerita Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University, Visiting Professor, University of Plymouth, Visiting Professor Liverpool John Moores University

sotlsallybrown-1Professor Sally Brown is Emerita Professor of Higher Education Diversity in Teaching and Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University and was until July 2010 PVC (Academic). She is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast and James Cook University (both in Queensland, Australia). Sally has worked in education for more than forty years and was, for five years, Director of Membership Services for the Institute for Learning and Teaching, prior to which she worked at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle for almost 20 years as a lecturer, educational developer and Head of Quality Enhancement.

She is a National Teaching Fellow and was awarded a £200,000 NTFS grant for three years to research Innovative Assessment at Master’s level. She is widely published, largely in the field of teaching, learning and assessment. Sally is an independent consultant and workshop facilitator who offers keynote addresses at conferences and events in the UK and internationally.

Phil Race

Independent Higher Education and Training Consultant, Emeritus Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University, Visiting Professor, University of Plymouth, Visiting Professor, University Campus Suffolk: Bury St Edmunds

sotlPhilRace-1Phil Race leads highly interactive workshops (and keynotes) on assessment, learning and teaching in higher education. He publishes widely on such things, and details of his work can be found on his website His passion is about ‘making learning happen’, in an approachable way, without recourse to jargon, acronyms or elitism. He is the author of the ‘ripples on a pond’ way of thinking about seven factors underpinning successful learning.

He started as a scientist, but gradually became an educational developer. He completely failed to retire from the University of Glamorgan in 1995, and again from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009, and continues to travel the country (and world sometimes) giving interactive conference keynotes, and running workshops for teaching staff. His work was recognized in 2007 by the Higher Education Academy awarding him a National Teaching Fellowship, and the status of ‘Senior Fellow’ of the Academy, then ‘Principal Fellow’ in 2012. In 2010 he was awarded the honor of ‘European Educator of the Year’ by EuroChrie, at a ceremony in Amsterdam. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education’ at Plymouth in 2012.

He is known for using lots of post-its in various colors for brainstorming and prioritizing group exercises at his keynotes and workshops, and even for getting diners doing things with post-its at the odd after-dinner speech! He is also known for bringing humor into presentations and keynotes – but always with the purpose of highlighting important points here and there.

Home is Newcastle upon Tyne, when not on trains or planes to or from everywhere else. His other passion is classical music, and he is an accomplished performer on the CD player and iPod, and given the chance will ramble on for hours about orchestral music – particularly Russian. He’s not too keen on listening to opera, but quite likes going to watch it.

His best known books include ‘Making Learning Happen: 2nd edition‘ (Sage, 2010), ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit: 3rd edition’ (Routledge, 2006) and ‘How to Get a Good Degree’ (Open University Press, 2007).

T. Dary Erwin

Professor of Leadership and Psychology, School of Strategic Leadership Studies, James Madison University

sotlT.-Dary-ErwinDr. Erwin was formerly Associate Provost for Public Policy at James Madison University where he established the Center for Assessment and Research Studies. Under Dr. Erwin’s leadership, the first doctoral program in Assessment and Measurement began fall 1998.

Dr. Erwin has testified before an Education and Workforce subcommittee of the US House of Representatives and US Department of Education committees; presented at over 100 professional conferences; and participated in numerous meetings about collegiate accountability. He has spoken at over 70 college campuses to faculty, student affairs professionals, and administrators about outcome assessment around the world.

Dr. Erwin’s articles on college impact and assessment first appeared in 1980 and his Jossey-Bass book entitled Assessing Student Learning and Development: A Guide To The Principles, Goals, and Methods of Determining College Outcomes was published in 1991. He is also author of the Erwin Identity Scale, the Scale of Intellectual Development, numerous articles and chapters, and a reviewer of critical thinking, problem solving, and writing assessment methods for the National Post-secondary Education Cooperative. He serves on the editorial boards of Quality in Higher Education, Assessment Update, and Active Learning in Higher Education and as a Board of Regent for the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.

Dr. Erwin has previously been affiliated with Texas A & M University and the University of Tennessee. He received his bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee and his doctorate in student development and measurement from The University of Iowa.

Dr. Erwin is past recipient of the Annuit Coeptis Award of the American College Personnel Association and of the Ralph F. Berdie Memorial Research Award of the American Association for Counseling and Development. He was also past chairperson of the Measurement Services Association.

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