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SoTL Commons Conference


SoTL Commons Conference
March 25-27, 2015
Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah, GA

SoTLPlenary2014The Centers for Teaching & Technology will host the 8th annual “The SoTL Commons” conference in Savannah, Georgia. The conference brings together people engaging in SoTL and anyone wanting to improve student learning outcomes in higher education today. The conference epitomizes that college teaching is intellectual work that is enhanced both by disciplinary scholarship and the scholarship on teaching the disciplines (SoTL). The SoTL Commons Conference is a catalyst for learning, conversations and collaborations about SoTL as a key, evidence-based way to improve student learning.

About SoTL
SoTL as an evidence-based way for continuous improvement of teaching and learning is not a passing fad in research or pedagogy. It is a legitimate form of research that is creating a “sustained culture of inquiry about teaching and learning” (Maki) and an increased awareness of the nature, role and potential of SoTL for improved learning.

“The only real evidence of life is growth.” _ John Newman

Teaching can always become more effective and learning more significant and enduring. Growth in students and their learning is the life-juice of being a teacher. SoTL can stimulate those juices to flow in innovative, effective, and reflective ways.

SoTL is not only the engagement by individuals in vigorous research on teaching and making that research public in building a body of knowledge, but also an attitude and a way of thinking about teaching. SoTL emphasizes that teaching is serious intellectual activity that can be both deeply personal and highly collegial. SoTL, as understood in an expansive sense, is perhaps the best way to improve teaching for student understanding. That is a lofty claim, yet one not only possible, but when done well, probable.

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